OnHub, now with IFTTT

We gave two brothers an OnHub router from Google, a box of smart home devices and a day to see how many things they can connect using OnHub and IFTTT (If This Then That). OnHub is the first router that works with IFTTT. Check out what they came up with. Learn more about OnHub and IFTTT at g.co/onhubifttt

46 Replies to “OnHub, now with IFTTT”

  1. Mohamad Khalil Hamieh

    Hi , thanks for posting, im searching for a electrical multimeter that can be connected to ifttt ? I want to connect the multimeter to a DC battery , when the voltage decrease to certain level i want to disconnect other switch thats connected to ifttt ? Any idea ? Thanks .

  2. XIV

    this seems like a good idea, however it can be easily exploitable if all you need is a website with no password. if you need a Google account to get into it, that's worse; not only do they have access to your Drive, your Google+, YouTube, etc., but now they have access to your WiFi Router as well, meaning they can lock you out and you no longer have any access whatsoever to the Internet, let alone your account and things your account is connected to, again.

  3. Kyle Burkett

    Other than locking and unlocking the door- nothing else seemed practical at all. I love how the video ended with the goofy ping-pong blower. Buy our router so you can blow some ping pong balls across the room guys. Accurate portrayal of use cases for IFTTT.

  4. Anthony Grubb

    More likely someone will set up a causal chain that will imprison them in some domino effect than simplify their life. Also, leaves lots of room for invasion of privacy and stalker-like behavior (N).

  5. Matthew Fisher

    None of this is useful. My door already locks behind me, and I couldn't care less when my roommate gets back to the apartment. At no point did this video show how you can actually integrate the ITTT services, but just a couple of projects that people have been doing with Arduino for years.

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