OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE 2020

OnePlus Nord vs Apple iPhone SE 2 Full Comparison including Display, Hands-on, Size, Design, Performance, Camera, Battery & Price.
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The OnePlus Nord features a 6.44″ FluidAMOLED 90Hz Display, Quad Rear Cameras (48MP Primary, 8MP Ultrawide. 2MP Macro, 5MP Depth), Dual Selfie Camera (32MP Primary, 8MP Ultrawide), powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G with 8/12GB LPDDR4X RAM, 128/256GB UFS2.1 Storage, 4115 mAh Battery with Warp Charge 30T, has a Glass Back with Plastic Frame and Price starts at £379 UK/₹27999 India.

The iPhone SE (2020) features a 4.7 inch Retina HD display, Apple A13 Bionic chip, iOS 13, 12MP Camera with 4K video up to 60 fps, 7MP Selfie Camera with Portrait Mode, Fast‑charge capable, Qi Wireless charging and price starts at $399/£419.

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46 Replies to “OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE 2020”

  1. SuperSaf

    Yes, I confirmed with OnePlus, the Nord has a Plastic frame with Metal buttons and a Glass back. Seems like I'm the only one who picked this up 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Nothing wrong with that, especially considering the price and the fact that a case is included in the box, but just letting you know 👍🏽

  2. Mark Moore

    The SE was a better choice, it’s what I got. I wanted fast and seamless with a good camera and the iPhone has that. Also, the SE will still be current software wise in like 2025 so also a big reason I choose it. Gonna be a bitch switching from one app ecosystem to another but oh well.

  3. bruh moment

    The OnePlus Nord has:
    A large 90Hz AMOLED display with thin bezels
    Slightly worse but much more versatile camera setup
    5G connectivity
    A 4115mAh battery
    30W fast charging
    SE is just a recycled iPhone 8.
    OnePlus Nord wins.

  4. Muhammad Ahmed

    If you want to avoid fanboys, this it in a nutshell:
    The iPhone has a better Chipset, better speakers, made of better materials, longer software update support and (possibly) a better camera, wireless Charging and water resistance.

    The Nord got better design, better battery, better screen, faster charging, 5G, better price (globally).

  5. Tausif 615

    Having a nord is a smarter and more better phone for the money, if you want to jump on the bandwagon for apple you can do so but don't let that alter your ideas, these are both budget phones and the nord is just better in specs, apple is great at day to day but the battery is underwhelming and updates will be at most 3-4 years where the nord can be 4-5 years, iOS 14 is great in bringing what Android did and Android 11 is great at what apple did and you can't compare software, snapdragon 865 is really fast but a13 bionic chip is a bit faster, but due to 90hz refresh rate and animations the OnePlus nord is faster. I have a OnePlus 7 Pro and it still works as fast or even faster than before. My mom who uses the iPhone 11 pro max says how there are frequent crashes and slow downs and isn't having the best of time enjoying, but she likes the camera, imo I feel like if you were to install gcam for Android it's just as good as the iPhone camera

  6. Sonali Dutt

    lol… this comparison is not for me…. here (in INDIA) the oneplus 8 is cheaper than iphone SE….. the Nord is almost half the price…. so SE is a clear flop in India… only people who care more about brand will buy it

  7. Tech to Glory

    I know apple might be a big company but at the end of the day budget matters a lot n when it comes to budget OnePlus is king of kings and apple is alive because of celebrities who don't eve use their spoke phones.

  8. Tech to Glory

    Sir your review is not accepted because you are comparing a gemstone with a copper. OnePlus is much superior and much fun to use. To be honest Apple ecosystem is really boring as my friend bought iPhone 11 pro and he is crying after seeing the OnePlus Nord 🤣😂🤣😂

  9. Tech to Glory

    The OnePlus is a killer device without a doubt and apple can't match their standards in anyway. My bro had ordered it from for just 27999rs 12gb ram with 256gb storage a killer device of 2020 and the best thing is he got 1500rs discount for using his credit card 💯😍

  10. Tech to Glory

    Undoubtedly OnePlus is much more superior in every terms….. First- the look is just a killer. 2) it has better erogonimics. 3) the price is easily affordable with all best features packed. 4) gorilla glass protection from Front to back and apple is not safe at all. 5 Th8s us one plus which means a better performer then iPhones crappy ecosystem, forget about the ecosystem when it's not economical in any terms. It seems like apple is trying to sell their stock phones with just upgrading the A13 bionic chipset and nothing is different in apple, a easy to make device without doing the R&D…. OnePlus Nord is much superior and meets all the 2020 expectations. Will you buy OnePlus Nord with big crappy bezels on top n bottom with a 865 chipset?

  11. Nayyar Yaqoob

    iPhone perks: more speedy, better camera, better future support, stereo speakers and exclusive iPhone perks like iMessage FaceTime etc
    iPhone cons: old looking design, less ram

    Nord perks: 90hz, better design, more ram and usb c ( I think )
    Nord cons: less os support, worse camera, no water resistant

    Both of them are amazing phones which can last you a long time

  12. Ants Ants and Ants

    If you want a general good phone that works well, has a great processor, takes good photos, and will receive years of support, get the SE.

    If you want a larger and better display, extra features, takes good photos, and get some of the flagship gimmicks, get the Nord.

    Both are good phones. SE appeals for general users, having a fast processor, is relatively durable, and will receive 4-5 years of support, perfect for everyday use. Nord appeals for others who want flagship features for a affordable price, (and it looks damn good). If you can afford another after around 2 years, and these features drag you in, the Nord is the perfect phone for you.

    Both has it’s pros and cons. Choose one that fits your needs. Don’t fight over 2 plates of glass. It’s a phone, not a cult.

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