OnePlus 9 Review: Sneaky Value!

OnePlus 9 is actually sneaky good value right now ๐Ÿ‘€
OnePlus 9 Pro Review:

Also, correction: The rails of the OnePlus 9 are plastic, the back is glass (that feels quite bad). No metal. On S21 the back is plastic, and the rails are metal. No glass.

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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.


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  1. Kevin-Son Macdonald

    I bought it off from amazon, with some nice oneplus Buds , But damn the camera is Bad
    So i send it Back BUT Im Sure they will fix it , but i wasnt willing to wait Month for a "better" Phone so now i bought the s21
    But Dont get me wrong everything Else was fantastic!

  2. Joy Banico

    thanks for the reviews now i know what to expect when i get mine ๐Ÿ˜‚ really do appreciate you pointing out the function and system of the phone.. how its not that far compare with the pro that's all i need thanks a lot โค

  3. Sarvpreet Singh

    Hello …. Plzz can u review again one pluse … Bcos company give to Manny camra updates …. So can u plzz review again. This phon spcly regarding camra ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. maheshwar prasar

    I think the one ui is the best ui you can get and it provides alot of useful features without needing 3rd party ,junk filled ,apps. I Its useful and much better than oxygen OS | I have used both and samsung kills it in UI. The only thing oneplus is goot at is charging and battery capacity |

  5. Mike Sawyer

    Boy I love your reviews – Just the best. And I just bought the 1+9 and fingers crossed.. I may actually use the B&W camera. Looking forward to the 65 watt charger. The plastic case is Just fine. I ALWAYS put my phone in a rubber case.. who cares!

  6. rock roll

    I am asking honestly, can someone tell me y ull spend more than 200 dlls on a phone?. I only use my phone for utube, signal, and browsing news. can u tell me what else u use ur phone for?. Once more I am asking with no sarcasm or trying to offend anyone, please help an older brother here.

  7. Jose Reyes

    Still using the 8. If I can be honest here. This is my first OnePlus phone. I've been wanting one for years. Overall it's basically what people have raved about. In my experience I think the cameras are good. Notice I said good. Not great, not amazing, but good. In good lighting and in slightly lower light, you're in that ball park. I think they still need to improve it. But it's not a deal breaker. Usually with my androids I notice lag and performance issues after a year. Not major but like a stutter, an inconvenience. Nothing like early days. The software….man. It's like Samsung and Pixel got together. Customizable while still being light and fast. Quick updates.

  8. Pisko Skillings

    Charging issues from the start. Now dead phone ๐Ÿ™
    I got the OnePlus Nord 5G in Feb of 2021. I had previously owned a Oneplus2, which served me great, but it was time to replace it and I wanted to continue with the OnePlus brand and saw great reviews online about this phone. When I got it I noticed a few problems when charging, one of them being that the phone would only charge when the screen was active, if the screen was off/inactive the phone would turn off and not charge. So I had to make sure the screen was lit when I charged it and keep an eye on it to make sure it was. Also, whenever I plugged in the charger, the headphones-icon came up as if I had headphones plugged into the phone, so it wouldn't ring or reproduce any sounds while charging… I tried different things from online searches, like turning off the 'Optimized Charging' feature, and even contacted OPsupport who suggested I do a Factory Reset in case one of my apps had some malware/virus causing the problem. Nothing worked.
    After a couple of weeks the phone was harder to charge, sometimes I would plug it in and it wouldn't charge at all, I had to plug and unplug several times until I was sure it was charging. And of course I could never let it run out of battery, because if the phone is off it wont charge. I let the battery drain once and spent 3 days plugging and unplugging and using different C-type cables until one day it charged 1% and I was able to turn it on quickly and "do the thing" to have it charge.
    Finally, on June 12th, I went to charge the phone and a message came up saying there was debris or humidity in the USB port and a "safety feature" wont allow it to charge for this reason. Obviously I cleaned the USB port and the cable, and tried using different chargers but nothing happened. The phone finally died, and now I don't have a phone..
    I will be sending the phone for a repair, but the website says if there's damage due to humidity or debris, I will have to pay for the repair and will not be covered under guarantee. Anyone cares to guess what the OPsupport will say when they read "there is humidity or debris on the USB port"? .. yeah..
    I can 100% guarantee I have not dropped my phone or put it anywhere where humidity or debris will get into it, and I have used an air blower to make sure its clean and clear of debris, nothing the naked eye can see in the USB port, and as I said the cable works fine with other phones.
    This "humidity or debris" message just seems like the kind of message a company would program to show up on a device to avoid having to replace their products under guarantee.
    If OnePlus fixes my problem when I'm able to ship it to them in July (as im not in the US atm) I will be sure to let you guys know how it goes and if I am wrong to assume they will not fix or repair my phone under guarantee. I will apologize and give 5 stars and be back to loving this company. Stay tuned.
    If anyone else is having this problem please let me know if there is something else I can do I have not tried.
    **I posted this comment in the OP Community website and got CENSORED by OnePlus! What does this tell you?**

  9. JW

    Just picked one of these up after my 6T had a tragic work related accident lol.

    So far I'm enjoying it and it feels like a solid upgrade. It's actually a bit over kill for my use case but hopefully it will get to live the life my 6T didn't lol.

  10. Brad Coffee

    I like how Marques goes and says, ???, ??? About the mono camera, I'm like where's the headphone jack and what about the screen mirror not working on my TV, no gorilla glass back ???, ??? Overall, love the video, bought OnePlus 9 in winter mist, right after my LG G8 just got paid off ๐Ÿ“ด, LG G8 was having trouble charging right, the port, if my LG G8 didn't messed up, I'd wait for Google Pixel 6, but OnePlus 9 is a great phone, better software and updates, better charging, but only slightly better camera's, OnePlus 9 needs a update to fix screen mirror, next OnePlus phone, have gorilla glass back and front, a headphone jack, keep water resistant and solid updates, overall, happy with the phone!

  11. Sambhav Kanulla

    Have been using OnePlus5 since 2017 till now. Amazing phone.
    Time for a switch to a new one. No option in OnePlus.
    Amazon reviews say this phone overheats and drains battery.
    Extremely trusted. Terribly disappointed.

    Can do with below exceptions: B/W Camera, wireless charging.
    Just want that Performance man.

  12. Saif Syed Mohammad

    Hi, MKBHD, Can you please also comment on planned obsolescence by OnePlus. It is unethical. After update my OnePlus Nord got slower most likely because they are planning Nord 2. My older OnePlus is almost unusable because software updates have made them significantly slower and almost like laggy .

    Your comment will be very useful for us MKBHD !

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