OnePlus 6T vs Pixel 3 vs iPhone XR | Blind Camera Test!

This was pretty easy, right?

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46 Replies to “OnePlus 6T vs Pixel 3 vs iPhone XR | Blind Camera Test!”

  1. Super Cool

    I have had all these three phones and I can confirm iPhone can take better photos than Op 6t. You can’t see the difference in that kind of small pictures in a video. At a glace, OnePlus takes good looking images with much more saturated colors but with the loss of details. I just wanna say you’ll get what you pay for. Already sold OP 6t. Without a doubt, it’s a good phone but I don’t need it when I’ve already got two flagship phones

  2. Ali Rafiei

    Honestly I thought the XR pics were coming from the 6T, but damn I was wrong. It just shows that the 6T takes way better photos

    I wanted to get the XR a while back but I realized how stupid of a decision it would be, so now I'm switching from a 5S to a OnePlus 6T!

  3. Mark Binder

    I picked camera A on almost every shot basically because camera B (iPhone) was always too warm and whites looked yellow, and I picked A over C because C had a tendency to not be as clear or "sharp" as the images on camera A. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that camera A was the Pixel. Great video and thanks for reaffirming to myself that I picked the correct phone for photos.

  4. Yaths Yatharth

    guessed it right when I saw the graffitti picture. night sight and night scape confirmed that A=Pixel 3,B=iphoneXR and C=OP6T. Great video though.Glad that someone on the internet is not tampering with the results or being biased to a brand for bucks. Kudos !

  5. Junayd A.A

    Lmao why do good channels have to always be underrated compare this videos quality to c4e tech and those videos are nothing.. good job man I hope you make it to a million soon. A collab with c4e tech might do it your videos are almost as as good as mkbhd very close

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