One Year Later Nintendo Switch 2018 Re-Review!

In this video we talk about the one year I’ve spent with my nintendo switch. What games have I played? what problems have I had with the system? would I still recommend you get a NIntendo switch or should you pass? Have I even USED the system?

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  1. Yukon BEE

    i think i got mine in October 2017 so yea mine is still running though tbh i do play it a lot but then i play it a little i just depends not only that but i have a protection case on the switch i do need another screen protector though xD

  2. Chris Nighthawk

    The games FUCKING SUCK for switch. It's perfect for little children who haven't played a real game yet. I picked it up after going on a console kick where I got the Pro & XB1X and gotta say the Switch was a MAJOR let down. Absolutely trash. Maybe Doom is fun….lmao But seriously Zelda was boring as fuck, mario is boring, super smash is an abomination, Skyrim is boring (it always was)…idk man I wish they'd put PUBG on it along with some CoD games or maybe even GTAV….PUBG Mobile is waaaay more fun than the entire library of the Switch.

  3. Missed Lethal

    I don't get the netflix/hulu/youtube complain for the switch. Not to pull a DIablo but…. don't we all have phones? Really the only reason that'd seem nice is if the switch is for your kid, and it means they dont have to use your phone for youtube/netflix kids/ hulu kids. But then it's a device you have to worry about having parental control over. And even with the system's parental control your kids will learn to get around that quickly.

  4. Bilbo Baggins

    New sub. Nice review and you answered the questions I had. I think I’m gonna get one when I get back to work. I love handheld games. I feel like you’re probably around my age which is nice cuz I feel like such a grama online. Lol

  5. Keyruption

    The Nintendo Switch now having hulu and youtube is what finally got me to buy the console. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but I need more than just games or else I would just get a 3ds.

  6. Tony Power

    Has lots of good features. I , like you at the beginning could only see myself using it on the tv i.e. docked . However I can't get passed the price. For me it's a 200 whatever your currency not the price of Xbox, or ps4 at 300. Because of this and for me the lack or depth of games is a reason I can't see myself taking the plunge. By the time it has what iam looking for in game choice the console will be dead and they will be asking us to fork out more cash for the switch2 or whatever it will be called. Plus will that be back compatible? Who knows. In short to many unanswered questions .

  7. Martin

    As a lifelong gamer who has or owns most nearly every system ever made since the 80s. Why do I not like, and am determined to never buy a Nintendo Switch? I always considered myself a hardcore Nintendo fan now I hate them.

  8. Prone Wun

    The lack of video streaming apps has nothing to do with this systems value or performance, nor should it be brought up. You bought this system to play games at home and on the go. Oh You wanna watch shit on the go? Well go buy something that lets you. This is for games. Not watching shit.

  9. Antoni Gates

    Looking great man, great video too. Not a big follower or anything, I’m just a PC man thinking about the Switch instead of a high end laptop. Brilliant, and balanced, representation.

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