One Of The Best E3 Reactions – Nintendo Wii Reveal E3 2005

Nostalgia is the best word to describe this. Those days were awesome!
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50 Replies to “One Of The Best E3 Reactions – Nintendo Wii Reveal E3 2005”

  1. Bmoney64

    Memories! My second gaming console ever!! And my favorite! Wii have come this far, and Wii have got to make the most of it before the… shop channel… closes…

  2. AWF1000

    it's actually pretty smart how Nintendo makes a small ass console and manages to fit all the parts without overheating issues… the switch now is by far the smallest home console Nintendo ever made. lol

  3. Michael B.

    RIP Iwata…However this was the worst Over Hyped POS Console ever. Let's flail around and break TV's just to make mario move to the right and look like a bunch of retards.

  4. Bold One

    I remember after 2006 the Gamecube started to drop significantly in value because of the Wii's backwards compatibility. There was a time you could purchase a Gamecube complete for less than $30 used. With all being said the Wii could have been the definitive Nintendo experience if it had HDMI and a truly wireless controller unattached to the Wiimote. The original classic controller was horrible, and the classic controller pro is decent. A decent used console is less than $50 complete just about everywhere and it offers so much. If you are playing Wii just be sure to buy the ever so important component cables from China available on eBay for around $5 because it makes a huge difference in the image display.

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