OMG! DJI GOGGLES REVIEW! All you need to know!

What do you think about the new DJI Goggles? We had the pleasure to test them and this is the result, let us know in the comments if you want any tests or more info. Hope you like it!

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21 Replies to “OMG! DJI GOGGLES REVIEW! All you need to know!”

  1. 100MPH Selfies

    You're not supposed to look down or backward when the craft is moving opposite direction. It's a common issue with VR itself and not only DJI google.
    I felt that way with my Oculus Rift the first few hours but got used to it quick. Our brain is amazing and will recalibrate to cope the new experience.

  2. aquamanhawaii

    Failure to Activate,,DJI Assistant 2 is Crap..I have the latest version
    of DJI Go 4 and DJI Assistant 2 and Activation FAILED…Went to forums
    to see if there was an easy way to work around this CRAP Assistant..NO
    JOY. I am going on every site and forum and bitch about this CRAP
    Assistant. It should not take a computer GURU to get these DJI Goggles
    to work..I am returning my DJI Giggles to Amazon for a full
    refund..really pissed.

  3. dvrapant

    All these comments about the fat sharks. Ok, well you can't use fat sharks with the Mavic, or Mavic Air, or Spark that I'm aware of. Also fat sharks fov is nowhere close to these. These have higher resolution. They are actually very comfortable and they flip up easily if you need to see. For photography they work very well. No one is using these to race fpv with. There are better goggles for that application. These are better for photography by far. If your so worried about how cool or uncool you look like then maybe you ought to check in with a therapist about that. You probably look like a jackass before you put these on anyways so what's the big deal?

  4. Jim Wilson

    Good job with your YouTube videos. Recently acquired P4P+ and DJI Goggles RE. Don’t intend to Race, primarily for aerial photography for our Real Estate business. Interested in the connection capabilities with the P4P+ and RE Goggles – must it be Wired with USB cable or is there Wireless capability with P4P+. ?? Jim Wilson, Boca Raton, FL, USA.

  5. sNstRchaOs

    Ive been using Fatshark HD3 goggles with my Pro Platinum, and all I can say is "WHY WOULD YOU WEAR A BREADBOX ON YOUR HEAD?, THE 80'S ARE OVER!!!"
    The HD3's are small, thin, sleek, light, sporty, professional, and look amazing!…..No-brainer guys!!

  6. JC Otero

    Awesome video, thanks so much! Aside from the playback feature from a previously recorded flight, is there a way to adjust the settings or a different set of goggles where the viewer can see it in real time but not actually be the pilot? For example say someone is flying using the drone controller as they would without the goggles but someone can be watching the active flight through the goggles?

    One suggestion to enhance your great videos is to insert a link within the video when you reference a past video. That way a viewer can quickly open up that previously recorded video rather than digging through the library to find it, just a thought.

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