Official Trailer – Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Watch the Setup video here:
Watch the Multiplayer Overview here:
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Welcome to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, here’s a taste of multiplayer action coming to Xbox Live Arcade on May 9th.
Make sure to use a HD television when playing with friends on split screen.

►Check out Hat Films channel here:

►Featured Music:

♫ Check out C418’s Original “Sweden” here:

♫ Check out Crimson & Crisis’ Remix here:

35 Replies to “Official Trailer – Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition”

  1. Angel Sk8z

    I really hope and realize how they made some of our childhoods the best. I created some of my best memories on this game with friends. I would do anything just to go back in time a relive it even for a minute 🤧❤️

  2. Top 5 Crazes

    Bro it’s 2020 why am I seeing this 😭 I haven’t seen theses Xbox players in years still check my old account to see if anyone of these guys are still online but there gone and grown up a big rip. I also don’t remember more then half of them which hurts even more.

  3. Blox Theory

    Aw man, I used to play this all the time but then a couple weeks ago we got a new T.V that’s not a gaming one. Left the Xbox in a room but not the thing were you press the X and it turns on.

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