Official first look at the PlayStation 5 console.. so futuristic!
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  1. John Large

    I have had a look on the website and I can guess it could be over £649 pound that is for the PS5 but I cannot check no more if it is for the UK ok or if it's for USA but I only guessed and I can be correctly true that it could be the price that is £649 some people may not can afford this kind of price because a PS4 it was pity ok the PS3 it was a reasonable price what rockstar should have known that anybody with play the game for which computer they choose to get set an it will be there for a long time I'm but the PS5 is too much for some people too much money too to part with you will have to be working but if you are not working and you are claiming benefits how can you get something that price that means some of you may have to wait until the price completed drop down or if one gets taken to cash Converters are CeX until you receive one then it would be too much to get hold of you may miss out on it excitement of a new computer new graphics and and everything that you dreamt of on your PS4 computer like we didn't have marks graphics and details and a PS3 we have on the PS4 or I hope and wrong about the price I hope it's cheap just for everybody to get hold of it but that's what I saw on Google they have put a lot of work to the computer a lot of details it has been put back many times but a GT86 that will never come out in till or long long long time maybe 2022 are later

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