Off Road Tesla Model X

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This is a ‘review’ of the Tesla Model X in some off road conditions. I had to work in Wyoming and traveled many muddy, back roads and trails.

Total road trip distance from Toronto, Wyoming, Utah, Wyoming, Toronto was 11, 311km @ 272Wh/km (7,028mi @ 438Wh/mi) from August 2nd to 27th.

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  1. S. PORTER

    Great vid, how do you like the camper? Were have an azure and cant trek as far…but have more interior space…not a trade off for the X…yes..envious, love the vid man

  2. Max Power

    There's no aftermarket off-road tyres and suspensions kits for the Model X yet? This is a must. Electric SUV should be much more off-road capable than ICE counterparts because of instant torque, no air intake and so on…

  3. CommanderWolfyX

    The model x can go through water up to the bottom of the door without issue any higher you risk water entering

    However a lot of tesla battery’s are now watertight and i believe the model x holds one of these water tight ones

    Also each cell is individually capped and air tight when tripped

    So you can just dump the cells naked in water and nothing would happen

  4. Steve B

    Thanks for this. I was a bit worried in leaving my Subaru for an X, but it handles great off-road. Good note on the 9 inch clearance, it's higher than my Subaru!

  5. brandonb00100

    Great video! Beautiful camera work. You would have been fine crossing that water. Tesla battery packs are sealed and waterproof. They have to be. They're water cooled/heated. No air intakes for combustion also means no risk of hydrolock. Better for fording than most ICE, short of one with a snorkel.

  6. Joseph Eschbach

    Was wondering about the tires, just when you mentioned it in the vid. Might be more worried about undercarriage rock puncture than water maybe as well in real offroad situations. Great vid BTW.

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