NOT THE SAME – SNES Mini / SNES Original Controller Comparison

The SNES Mini Controller certainly looks the business, but it’s not absolutely identical to the original it’s based on. The few small and subtle differences are highlighted by the wonderful Alex in the only way he knows how (video).

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31 Replies to “NOT THE SAME – SNES Mini / SNES Original Controller Comparison”

  1. Naota Akatsuki

    The original L and R are not printed! They are plastic injections made of plastics of different colors, that's why you'll never be able to just scratch it off. I know this because I've already disassembled one of these. The older controller is also heavier because it has more metal traces and parts inside such as the metal pins for the L and R buttons and also larger capacitors which are electrolytic on the original but the classic mini features SMD ceramic capacitors which are much smaller not to mention the chip is also smaller than the original you got that right.

  2. SoldierOfSunrise

    Thank you for this comparison, mate! Basically you have explained everything I was looking for. (As I'm just planning to buy a SNES Mini.)

    Just two comments if I may…

    1. The huge difference is, that the original was "Made in Japan", and the new in China instead. 🙂 Well… not surprising. But hopefully the "Mini" controllers will last until many years too.

    2. It seems, the original controller's cable is not only longer, but yet more durable, more thick, than the new one. (Not surprising either, knowing nowadays mass produced items overall quality in electronics.)

    But all in all.. .really useful review, thank you for it! And hopefully Nintendo will produce extra controllers in the future (regardless they confirmed, they have stopped producing the NES & SNES minis); just to make sure, in case the "Mini" controllers go wrong, we'll have the opportunity to buy new ones in the future.

  3. Damian Wezzterman

    I know this video is old but I had to share. It's coming up on a year later and I have still never taken my SNES Classic controllers out of the box. Since day one I've been using my Wii classic controllers or the EMiO Arcade sticks I modified for everything. My first use of the SNES classic controllers wasn't until a few days ago while over at a friend's house when I used his controllers during a Mario Kart/Street Fighter tournament amongst friends. But yes, they are very accurate to the original controllers. Although, I really wish they made ASCii gamepad replicas I could use. I don't know if anyone remembers the ASCii gamepad, but it was almost identical to the 1st part controller but had turbo switch toggles in the center making the controller a bit wider and fit my hands better.

  4. Trash_Bandatcoot

    I'm not the first one, and I can see why this video has been massively disliked.
    Calling them in the title with caps "NOT THE SAME", but saying later on they are nearly identical except for the L and R buttons.

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