Nokia Smart TV Unboxing and First Look

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This is our unboxing and first look at the newly launched Nokia Smart TV running on Android TV 9. It brings with it support for Dolby Vision, Intelligent Dimming, Wide Colour Gamut along with support for streaming services like Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar and more. It has a 55-inch ADS panel, with a 4K resolution.

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19 Replies to “Nokia Smart TV Unboxing and First Look”

  1. Subhasish Dash

    Guys i would suggest you to not to buy nokia tv.I have purchased and I do regret now.Intially when i got the product there was no backlight bleed issue and after 7 days the display started bleeding whitelights when the screen is dark.I have raised a return request but the jeeves technician doesn't know anything about backlight bleed issue.I clearly showed him the issue by playing some videos on youtube where the screen was black and even i showed him by restarting the tv where the screen bleed issue is clearly visible when nokia logo comes but still they closed that case by mentioning customer is happy with the service provided.Almost 50% of nokia tvs have the screen bleed issue and some people are not able to recognise the issue and they have given good rating in flipkart and some people have compromised with the issue by thinking that this is the way it is designed.I had a mi budget 32 inch tv which costs only 13k which did not have any backlight bleed issue then why should we spend 40k on a tv which has screen bleed issue.Please do not purchase the nokia tv.


    Nice review 😊😊
    Buddy, how about the rush and demand in Flipkart sale ?
    Under how many minutes, product goes out of stock ?
    Have you used any of the script extensions in Chrome ? If yes, please suggest me.

  3. Gaurav Sharma

    I have really high expectations from you guys, please make an in depth review, covering things like Dolby vision playback (is it actually capable of rendering Dolby vision or like other budget brands just able to play those videos), latency, input lag, actual colour volume (DciP3, rec2020, NTSC coverage), is it a genuine 10bit panel or an 8bit with FRC, and it's actual brightness figure in nits, static and dynamic contrast ratios etc.

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