NodeMCU Kube Multisensor | Part III | openHAB configuration & calibration

NodeMCU Kube multisensor for openHAB 2 – Part 3 – openHAB configuration and sensor calibration. In this part of the NodeMCU Kube multi sensor series, we’ll focus on ensuring our sensor is correctly outputting its data over Wifi/MQTT, add the proper MQTT topics to the openHAB items and sitemap files, add charting for the temperature and humidity data the sensor provides to openHAB, and calibrate the sensor by letting it run alongside the main temperature sensor in the house (HVAC thermostat) and finding the correct calibration offset. This completes the initial NodeMCU Kube multisensor build series, but I have future ideas for the sensor, including adding a fully enclosed PIR motion sensor, adding pressure, sound, etc sensors, and adding servos to actually control the HVAC registers and house temperature.

openHAB community forum post with write-up:

Note: You will need a persistence service installed if you want to use charts. The simplest one to install is rrd4j, but check out this blog post for a really great write-up on persistence:

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-openhabianPI Project/Image –

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8 Replies to “NodeMCU Kube Multisensor | Part III | openHAB configuration & calibration”

  1. IammenotyoU100

    Perhaps I missed it, but in order to do the chart you need persistence (I think). In which case have you covered installing/configuring persistence in any of your videos? I've seen most but didn't see it.

  2. Neelam Jangra

    Hi BK,

    I am using temperature sensors in cold store . I have installed 3 temperature sensors in 3 different rooms and i want to check all the sensors values on a lcd display connected to raspberry pi so that the person sitting outside of cold store can check the temperature of all the 3 rooms and can turn on and off the motor accordingly.
    I have done the interfacing of LCD with pi and its working fine. But how to get the data from openhab to LCD connected to pi? Kindly help BK.

  3. Joern Borup

    Hi BK Hobby

    Thanks for your videos and your ideas. Special for the board you have developed for the ESP – with temperature, humidity, display and the motion sensor.

    But I’m still missing windows/door sensor and maybe firesensor (like the one MK-smarthouse has made).

    Buying single sensors for each room in the house is to expensive. I would love to have a box to put in each room, where I could get readings for that room with:
    -any windows open (wired sensors into the box)
    -maybe firesensors…
    -motion sensor.

    Would it be possible to make a box (board) that would have all these external connections points ?


  4. George Eden

    Hello, I have a NodeMcu ESP8266 and I see it has the default button on it that is connected to pin 2, I was wondering if you could come up with an example bit of code that I can then copy and use for other buttons as my final plan is to make a control panel. I don't understand how the code with the sensors work so my idea was if you made the button code then I could just rename the pins and the mqtt name and then keep on copying and pasting it until I have made the control panel.I know I am asking for quite a lot but I would really appreciate it if you would be able to help me,Kind Regards.

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