NodeMCU ESP8266 Kube Multi Sensor for openHab home automation: Demo & Overview

NodeMCU Kube Multi Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Motion). In this video, I will show you a home automation multi sensor I designed and built for my openhab home automation system (can also be used with Home Assistant as it’s MQTT). The multi sensor has a PCB, DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor, and an OLED screen for local temperature / humidity display. You can also connect an external sensor (e.g. a motion sensor) to further expand the functionality of the multi sensor. The Kube NodeMCU multi sensor reports data over MQTT and is a complete, fully designed home automation multi sensor with ongoing support (firmware is available on GitHub). In the near future, I will be making new videos about it, to show you how to build the multi sensor, program it with Arduino, and connect it to your openHAB instance.

Background music: (Far Away by MK2)

NodeMCU Kube project home:

Parts List/BOM:

Enclosure –
OLED screen (
NodeMCU breakout board (
NodeMCU ESP8266 v0.9 ($6 & Prime from Amazon: $3 from AliExpress: or 1.0 (
DHT-22 sensor (
headers (
solid hook-up wire, 22awg (

Check out my (mostly functional) 3D designs – ( ! If you like them and want to support my projects, use one of the links below when you’re planning to buy anything from these sites (it won’t cost you anything extra!). Thank you in advance!


10 Replies to “NodeMCU ESP8266 Kube Multi Sensor for openHab home automation: Demo & Overview”

  1. Scott Lilien

    Thank you for your videos! They are the best I can find. I love the ability to create items by connecting them to each thing channel on Visual Code Software. I also re-watched your videos about installing add-ons using the addon.cfg file, which allowed me to build out all my Z-Wave , WeMo and Kasa files. I have a long way to go, but I'm up and running. I just have to build out Google and Amazon Echo. This is the only way my family agrees to me spending time on home automation.

  2. Travis Andrew

    You should make a few of these and sell as a whole kit. I don't have a 3d printer (yet)..we have been looking, but do want to do this project. Let me know if interested (you would not have to do the solder 😉

  3. Aaron Sharp

    @BK Hobby

    Great video great sensor I have watched a few times now and I'm definitely considering using your build as a base for the rest of my sensors

    I would like too add a light sensor and a microphone to moniter ambient noise would this be possible and how hard would it be? Would be good for when kids play music too loud and also as part of a security system for when the house is supposed too be quiet

    How about an upgraded sensor video with additional sensors


  4. Peter Haugaard

    I have build one of these sensors based on the information you have supplied. It is working but I have one issue: My OLED screen is flickering when it is updated (every 10 sec). Have you had this problem or du you have an idea what could be the reason for this?

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