No CI Module & Scrambled On LG TV Explained

What does No CI Module and Scrambled mean in LG televisions? Also what does the PCMCIA card slot at the back of LG TV’s do? In some LG televisions, some channels work fine while others will display the message “No CI Module”. Others LGTV’s will display “Scrambled”.

What does it mean? The short answer is that these channels are scrambled. In this video I will explain what a CI module is. I will also explain how to use it and its advantages. You will also learn about CAM cards and how they work.

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Mascom AlphaCrypt Light CI Card 3.jpg 00:15 to 00;19

Thiemo Schuff / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE (

Mascom AlphaCrypt Light CI Card.jpg 01:00 to 01:06

Thiemo Schuff / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE (

Coship decoder 1:06 to 1:12

Common Interface structure.svg 01:25 to 02:01
User:Stannered / CC BY (

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10 Replies to “No CI Module & Scrambled On LG TV Explained”

  1. Nuno Botelho

    useless video , i want a decoder to watch pay channels for free , if i want to watch pay tv channels i have to subscribe the channels using a box , whats the difference using a box or this ci module ??? i have to pay for it using box or using ci module

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