Nissan LEAF™: Polar Bear

Seeing its arctic home melting away, a lone polar bear begins its great journey to seek out the cause of global warming. Along the way, the polar bear witnessed pollution and finally found a man who is trying to make the world a better place to live by driving a 100% electric, zero emission Nissan LEAF car. This causes the bear to give him a hug, thanking him for his action.

31 Replies to “Nissan LEAF™: Polar Bear”

  1. MrLion626

    Geez, this is depressing. They sure know how to tug at the heart strings. I’ve always loved the idea of EVs, and I hope to be a Leaf owner one day. Though this ad campaign is depressing, it really does bring good awareness of the importance of the future of the planet. Well done, Nissan!

  2. DelilahThePig

    So, purchasing one vehicle secures the safety of one polar bear? If I run my Prius around the beltway a few times to improve the average MPG, how many does that save? If I power my Leaf with nuclear for 20 years, how does the spent fuel benefit the planet?

  3. DoubleCTech

    Nissan does know that it depends on where the electric comes from right. I love my leaf but I get my power from pseg and they burn fossil fuels to make electricity. So I am not helping the environment that much from my leaf.

  4. Ratryoshka

    I think there's a behind the scenes video for this commercial. the bear is trained, like the previous comment said. and her name is Aggie or something.

    also, it IS edited in the scene where she crosses the bridge at nighttime cuz it's way past her bedtime and she couldn't go shooting with them.

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