27 Replies to “Nissan Leaf Motor Unit Disassembly”

  1. Phil Graham

    Fascinating, this is the first time I have seen the inside of my e-NV200s motor – thanks. I had no idea it was so full of stuff and complicated! I thought they were supposed to be simple compared to an ICE. You have some noisy ass birds there too.

  2. Stephen Balogh

    Whilst I cannot recall the exact words of Eisenhower, in his farewell speech but, he said it right that today's task force/s take over the tinkering and exploring enthusiasm of the human mind that started in the backyard. I still cannot see a successful replacement of the combustion engine by the electric motors in cold climates due to lack heating and the range per refuel. Not including the replacement cost of battery.

  3. M VanSumeren

    Watching this video made it much easier to change the charger on my 2013 Leaf. I swapped the 3.6KW unit for a 6.6 KW unit in about two hours. This was after Nissan claimed "it couldn't be done". Thanks for making this video!

  4. Model LEAF

    Hi Mike, would you be able to tell me the part number of the cable that you removed at 6:30? It's the black cable that goes from the controller to the inverter and the motor. Usually there is a part number tag on the cable. The Nissan leaf motor I bought from eBay is missing that cable, and I am having a tough time finding out what that part number is, so I can order it from Nissan USA. It's for my Ford Model A project. Many thanks.

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