Nissan Leaf Motor running on open source inverter logic board – DIY electric car

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After a lot of trial and error, we managed to get our Nissan Leaf motor running on the open source inverter logic board. Installing the open source logic board into the Nissan Leaf Inverter is the only major change we made, but we had to also adapt the wiring for the Resolver and Temperature sensors from the Nissan Leaf Motor. The new heart for our Electric Porsche 911 spins!

The board I have chosen is the “Open Inverter” logic board with a Nissan Leaf adaptor board. Full details of this open source inverter can be found here:

And the boards are available to purchase through the shop.
There is also a community growing around these and associated boards built on the same architecture and software here.

I have no association to this other than liking the design and simplicity of the product and I will let you all know how I get on with the boards in future videos.

I haven’t given up on the goal of controlling the inverter using CAN commands, however I know if I spent too much longer on it there was a risk that the project could stall as I end up focussing on that. I still want to be able to control the inverter this way, but I will pick that back up once I complete this build.

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We do builds and projects with electric motors and on electric vehicles, with a focus on electric car conversions. The automotive world is moving towards electric cars at a great pace, but a lot of these are focussed on the mass market or are very expensive performance vehicles.

We want to see what can be done to create our own performance electric cars using the currently available components. We’ll take you through every step of our projects (both successes and failures.)

Please come and join us on this journey.

A note on this channel.
While we try to make these videos as informative as possible, these are not instructions or how to videos. Working with high voltage electrical components is very dangerous and can injure, maim or kill. The same goes for working on cars and motorbikes. If these videos have inspired you to take on an EV project of your own, and we hope they have, we would encourage you to undertake the necessary study, education, training and/or investigations to familiarize yourself with tasks you are undertaking. Thanks for watching and we hope you have enjoyed the video.

24 Replies to “Nissan Leaf Motor running on open source inverter logic board – DIY electric car”

  1. rami aldawahik

    An engineer, I have an idea. Is it possible to put electrical generators that work with the movement of the wheels of the car with solar cells and then connect this electricity to the car engine without an adapter? Please answer 😂

  2. Mike Hotchkiss

    You eluded to the power that nissan tuned the motor inverter combo to produce not being the limit….what would it be in the real world, in your opinion, without drastically shortening the life of the inverter motor group?

  3. Mike Hotchkiss

    Many thanks for doing this. My application mirrors yours to a point and all your hard work will save me huge. The open source logic board is to back door all the nissan specific safeties (key fobs etc)? I was hoping to use the motor without the trans but putting a side load on the motor bearings would most likely end in engine failure.(sprocket on output driving another sprocket with a motorcycle chain) Any feedback from yourself or your well informed viewers would be great

  4. Tore Lund

    So does the leaf motor have permanent magnets in its rotor? What current does it draw at full rpm unloaded ( I do understand you're only running it on 50V)?

  5. Richard Schofield

    If I can get my hands on a cheap second hand leaf controller do you know if it will contain key components like the half bridges that will save some money on an open source build?
    Any reason not to do it this way?

  6. Leaf ForLife

    Hi! I may lost some info in Your last videos, but why don't You use original nissan wiring and control?? Isn't it easy too decode dashboard signals against invertor signals?

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