Nissan LEAF In-Depth | Charging

Nissan North America’s Director of Product Planning, Mark Perry, answers questions from members of the Nissan LEAF Facebook Page. Join the conversation on the Nissan LEAF Facebook Page:

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  1. D M

    I get at maximum 120km range driving my LEAF and less if I go down the coast due to the mountains. My record is 130km, every trip I do is still averaging at 0.13kWh/km.  Which doesn't add up as 0.13 kWh/km suggests I should only consume 0.13kW * 120km = 15.6 kWh which should only be 66% of the battery, but instead 93% is being used. Even if I add 10% overhead for auxiliary systems that's that comes to 17.16 kWh used to travel 120km which is well below a full discharge of 24kWh. Thankfully work supports me and I can get a top-up charge, but I am concerned about its range performance. Don't get me wrong this is still one of the best cars I have every purchased and enjoy knowing the electricity(fuel) I purchase supports the local economy.  

  2. TimeHorse

    Officially my LEAF registered 67 miles round trip today and alas it requires 100% (90%) to do the daily commute. Ironically having that longer commute I can least afford battery degradation. And CHAdeMO stations can't come too soon because waiting for hours to get home with my LEAF's 3.3kW charger connected to an EVSE capable of 6.6kW (as most are) is really ridiculous. 3 hours vs. 90 minutes to get enough to get home! It's a no brainer!

  3. Don McLeish

    As a LEAF owner, thanks for this video and information provided here. I look forward to some strategically placed quick chargers that could be used in a pinch on those occasions when needed. Having type 2 chargers around will be a real boon in their own right but some times, time is everything.

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