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Could this be the car of the future? The Nissan Leaf is the first mainstream production car designed to be powered purely by electricity. It emits zero CO2 and can be charged at home from a standard socket. The car’s exterior is shaped to cheat wind resistance, hence the elongated tail. The lithium-ion battery pack is stored in the floor of the car, which means lots of space inside.

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  1. Peter Mc

    Hello There, great and very infromative review video throughout, thank you for making this, it's very helpful. Cheers Peter 🙂 p.s. it looks very stylish, modern and well built.


    I have a 2013. They are VERY cheap used. Nice comfortable 2nd car for commuting and around town. Basically no maintenance required, and $1 gallon equivalent to run .

  3. Crafter

    Have a 2014 24kw leaf accenta. Temperature was plus 2 degrees in January. Tested it for max range 76 miles .turtle light was on. Driving style normal .great town car .very fast off the mark. A good buy.

  4. swimguy1977

    Electric cars make no sense you might be able to do 100 miles on a charge if you're luckly and then you have to charge it up which takes forever. I have a high performance diesel car which does about 55 mpg and over 500 miles on a tank full of diesel. I won't be getting an electric car anytime soon, I'll be sticking to diesels and the modern common rail diesels llike my one are now very clean.

  5. Kevin Chamberlain

    Zero Tailpipe Emissions = Emissions at the powerstation providing the charge. Not cleaner than an IC engine, just spews it's filth elsewhere… Hydrogen engines are the way forward but will never happen because corrupt government.

  6. Ima Hinasyon

    Any Electrical engineers around?
    I am a bit confused on the energy capacity of this car, they say it's 30 kWh battery pack, and the motor is at 80 kW rating, means that it consumes 80000 joules per second. Thus, 30kWh = 108 MJ divided by the 80000 J/s, which gets only 22.5 minutes of use, before charging again…

  7. R Down

    What nonsense. Drives like a V6? Even the stated performance means it can just about compete with a loaded white van away from the lights. Based on being stuck behind a few of these I can also tell you they really struggle to maintain road speed on hills. Basically, the horsepower figure is meaningless because that's not how electric motors work.

  8. Gordon Clough

    WELL WELL WELL Had my leaf for two and half years now and I can't wait to get rid tried twice to travel from tyne & wear to telford only 230 miles and been recovered 5 times the infrastructure is pure shit to put it mildly and I don't know where they get the 124 mile driving range from 80 miles tops and a lot less on the motorway but nissan sales men at S G PETCH DURHAM will tell you anything to get a sale (nice car but its a shame it does not have an engine)..8 months left on contract and I won't be buying electric again ….one disappointed leaf owner……..

  9. Nat Evanson

    My aunty has one of these and she lives in San Francisco she also has two kids and I have been in it once when I went over there and I loved it. So quiet competed to my mums Citroen berlingo

  10. Robert Critchlow

    Had a four day test drive which convinced me to place my order. Even without the benefits of being electric it would be a great car in any case. The latest generation has a larger boot compared to the car tested here too!

  11. John Benton

    Yet again we see a fantastic piece of engineering let down by the purchase price. Perhaps in the future, when the technology is better understood and practised the price will drop, making electric cars more affordable. Trouble is, the price of fossil fuels will escalate to the point where electric cars at any price will look good value.

  12. Viorel Matei

    So I was at the Brussels Motor show 2015 today, and I almost sat in every car there, to test the comfort. Nissan leaf has the most comfy seats, I was shocked ! 

    I drive myself a Volkswagen, and honestly, I would love to have a Nissan leaf or the pulsar (which is comfy too)

  13. eternalhalloween1

    I don't deny that it's an interesting car with a lot of good points. But it would concern me that after 100 miles, the car is dead and it can take 4 hours to recharge.

    I would be more tempted to go with the Toyota Prius which has both electric and gas power. And even with combined driving you average 50 miles to the gallon.  

  14. MegaPepsimax

    So if the battery is at the back, whats in the front? There was an electric car at the college i go to, it was taken apart and that was fully electric, Citroen C1. Huge battery in the front small boot at the back.

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