Nissan LEAF – Can It Do A 200 Mile Daily Commute?

I’ve a much longer commute for a week of almost 200 miles, so I thought I’d see if it’s reasonable to do it in the LEAF and compare the cost vs an ICE car.

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  1. Tim Skelton

    Great videos. I'm using a 24kW LEAF and would like some tips for motorway driving. You seem to have the skills. I drove from East Yorkshire to Bristol last weekend and found that I had to drive at 50/55mph to even get 60ish miles of range on motorways. Driving like a nun. Tyres pumped to 40psi. Stopped 5 times. 7.5 hours. Is that normal in your opinion?

  2. jonathan tamm

    Charging at work would also have been easy but slower but if you are their for 6-8 hours no loss of time I just run a cord out the back of my shop and leave with a full charge not that I need it but why not the car is sitting their all day anyway.

  3. mihindu1967

    Mr Ambassador, if the Leaf had come with curved graphene-based ultracapacitor batteries, you could do this commute every day without having to stop to recharge, would yer ? What I am saying is that there are ultracapacitor modules in the size of truck batteries that have the power of about100 kWh, and why not the Leaf come with such batteries.

  4. David Ellis

    That was a very good example off doing a longer journey in an EV if you are happy with the two twenty minute stops for charging,I have a BMW 2series Grand Tourer Diesel which on the same run as he did would do 55mpg running at the speed he did,if you were to take the fuel duty and VAT of diesel there would be very little difference in fuel costs for that journey,when we've spent thousands buying an EV as we all will eventually do you think for one minute that the government will not tax electricity ??? Dream On.

  5. Roger Froud

    I'm not sure you're right about the efficiency of IC engined vehicles when the temperature drops. I thought the thermal efficiency improves when there's a greater temperature across the engine? Also, the heat you use to warm the car is waste heat that would normally be wasted, so it doesn't reduce the range either.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of electric cars, but things stated as fact should be correct.

  6. JAMES! Since the 70's

    I want to get or even build an ev. I don't drive everyday and when I do. It's only about 20-40 miles at most! I am off grid. And use solar power. I guess I'd need another 2kw in solar for charging alone? I guess also I'd be better off to build a charge station with Batteries and 2kw in solar atleast. What is the minimum charge current?

  7. David Watts

    I currently drive a Smart diesel, my daily commute is 37 miles each way, I considered an electric vehicle,but I live in a little lane which is a shared access, no guarantee of a parking spot, so no guarantee of being able to charge my car, as my commute is along the M5, during the summer months, getting in and out of Gordano services is a major expedition, very time consuming, in the area in which I live, we have no charging points, not good for a country looking at cutting down on emissions, if I were to get another car, it would have to be small to be able to park in the lane, sadly, the range of a Smart just doesn't make it worthwhile, sorry, I have to carry on polluting with my dirty diesel. Useful information on your videos though

  8. lw216316

    Can someone tell me…..
    I bought my first Leaf yesterday – a 2015 S
    and trickle charged it last night. It shows 100 percent and 96 miles.
    I read it may be better to charge to 80 percent rather than 100.

    How would you do that?
    Can you turn on the car WHILE IT IS CHARGING and look at the display?
    I thought I read in the manual that the car had to be off while charging.

    It would be nice to have a display that shows you details while it is charging.

    Is it really better to only charge to 80 percent ?

  9. Arth Denton

    Hey, I'm in SW Florida. We do have 'sun' but, believe it or not, we also have rain and, during our 6-month-long 'rainy season' which just happens to be in the Summer, we have rain just about every single day.

  10. Arth Denton

    🙂 in our Model 3 I took my wife and little girl to a beach some 100 miles from where we live the other day and, starting with an 80% charged battery we were able to do the round-trip and recharge the car in our garage for our next day's adventure.
    But I don't believe you have Mod 3's in the UK yet so the Leaf is a nice alternative.

  11. steve

    Hi mate,sorry I didn't get your name ,but two things that I can see as to why I think E V s are not ready for most computers, firstly time is money for me and 45 minutes twice daily would cost me considerably ,secondly imagine doing that trip with kids in car ? It's bad enough when you don't have to stop for fuel ! I can see good points too ,but they a ling way off ready for me ! BUT no doubt that they'll get there cheers Steve

  12. Brian Kavanagh

    I have merc diesel and would only have to fill up at the start of the week, admittedly it costs more in diesel than electric but I value being with my family, so taking an extra 45 mins a day from my time is unacceptable, sorry EVM until the batteries can do 450-600 miles from one charge electric is not viable for long motorway trips. I believe the way to go is Hybrid.

  13. Bob Ranch

    Haha Tesla people don’t wave, come to think no Leafs notice me waving either. I drive an iMiEV(only saw 1 this year and they waved like crazy). Love your accent, trying it out on my 10mth old. I live in Winnipeg.

  14. GBnutrainer

    i still dont fully understand the issue on big trip using this chademo.. ev force you to dont exceed speed limit.. so keep me safer (i tend to go fast) my back hurt a lot after 2-3 hours of driving.. you take 30 minutes brake after every 2 hours of driving…. for an holiday looks fine to me…

  15. John Wang

    They really need to standardize the charging methods, preferably on contactless inductive chargers like the paddles GM had briefly. As it currently stands, the plugs on the charger will eventually wear down or be damaged enough to not operate and no one would pay to replace them or even notice they no longer work. The chargers should also have cameras and toll tag readers to charge anyone who are parked in the stall regardless of whether or not they are charging and the chargers need a feature to send an SMS message when the charge are near completion.

  16. madonemt

    I have a maximum 42 mile motorway commute each way. I can use a slower route that's 36 miles. With 6 free charge points at work I should rarely rely on other charge points. I have another large ice vehicle for family.

  17. SmokeSolo33

    It would cost me approx 15 quid in diesel to do a similar trip and that takes a quick couple of minutes to put fuel in.

    Cannot see how electric cars and that much cheaper, but needs a lot more planning and stress to do longer distance.

    Diesel for me all the time untill a better alternative comes along

    Ive tried lpg but even that needed planning when you needed to stop for fuel

  18. Frank Stocker

    "When something looks too good to be true" Hello you are dealing with a manufacturer of cars they all tell lies, they take a car to the top of Mount Everest drive it to the bottom & tell you it does 400 miles on one charge, people honestly believe them?
    BMS & TMS should be standard just to regulate ambient temperature & reduce deterioration let alone driving & charging.
    I don't have these problems on my Yamaha motorbike, for now, I just pass all the cars crawling along with range anxiety
    with a big smile on my face. Nissan will give you a new 60kw battery with BMS for free, believe me.

  19. su se

    Do you think this car is worth buying for daily commute? I do about 140-170KM daily. I do have charger at work and home.

    Mostly highway driving.

    or atleast 50,000KM/year good buy for this car?

  20. Ge Gwen

    Range anxiety ?
    Watched a few of these various vlogs now and more than once the chargers have refused to work for some reason or another.
    Cannot help but wonder how you get on should your mobile/app etc decide to fail at this most important time ?
    As you know an ICE car will cover 300/400 miles at high speed without even thinking about it & some of the much newer ones are very economical as well (petrol focus I hired with the new 1.0 lit was real good) and will only need a service once a year.
    Yes for me an EV like the Leaf would work (well a Focus estate type would be even better) as we could charge at home but reading about this Leaf battery degradation has given me pause to wonder as they are only covered for 50k (need to now check out other makes ?

  21. Sylwester

    I guess you have the 30kWh-version with LBW at 15%. Why did you charge at 39%? Is there no fast charger closer to the destination? I'm thinking you if you can charge between LBW and VLBW and get faster speeds since you charge between 10%-60% rather than 27%-88% and the average charge speeds would be closer to 30kW rather than 25kW.

  22. DCA Neale

    Your videos are great, interesting & informative I’m hoping to get a 40kWh Leaf when my current Motability contract expires. The old Leaf was on Motability but at the moment Leaf 2.0 isn’t on the scheme. Would you be my Leaf Ambassador? Thanks Dan

  23. niceguy60

    Expensive & time consuming Trip in EV with low range , I mean if you are late to work you don't want to stop 45 minutes to recharge and pay 5 pounds for only 43 miles , when the regular Diesel does 60+ miles with £5 in the Motorway with no Stops

  24. niceguy60

    I v calculated your vehicle ** supposedly MPG * based on your Costs , your Vehicle equates to a 43 mpg vehicle
    How did I reach the 43 MPG figure ???
    You initiated Charging with 39% left
    You paid £5.05 to charge to 82%
    You charged 43% which equates to 43 miles , per every 5 pounds
    My Old Diesel was capable of 76 miles per every 5 pounds ( which is a gallon of fuel )

  25. niceguy60

    I purpose you a challenge !
    A 200 miles Trip Diesel VS Electric
    The race is not about speed , its about costs , to make this race interesting my Diesel has 19 inch wheels stock
    The person which uses less money wins
    charging costs receipt's & fuel costs receipt's would have to provided !!!

  26. loctite222ms

    Wow, it even took longer to plug in than put a hose in a gas tank.  Another 45 minutes on a trip that's less than 100 miles in each direction.   Too bad there wasn't charging at the destination.   It's not enough better to make me trade my Volt.

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