Nissan Leaf 2020 Review | WhichEV

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Video timestamps:
-Intro: 00:00:00
-Exterior Design: 00:00:41
-Interior: 00:01:11
-Storage: 00:01:31
-General Controls: 00:01:57
-Media Control Unit: 00:02:39
-Driving and Performance: 00:02:52
-E-pedal and Eco Mode: 00:04:50
-Safety Features: 00:06:21
-Suspension and Handling: 00:07:48
-Pricing: 00:09:03
-Overall Thoughts: 00:09:47
-Charging and Range: 00:10:54
-Verdict: 00:11:29

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2 Replies to “Nissan Leaf 2020 Review | WhichEV”

  1. Frank Davis

    A very informative Video, easy to understand and pleasant to listen to. Thank you.

    I have an MG EV and one of these overtook me yesterday, I look out for EV’s all the time, it’s interesting to get such full information about it. Obvious advantages over my Car but performing much the same Duties for £10,000+ more. My Car has all the ‘Bells and Whistles’ I need, amazing to me after 65 years of Driving all sorts of Vehicles.

    Cost is such an important factor if EV’s are going to be the success I am hoping they will be. I am so pleased I have lived long enough to experience ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

    I wish I had been more aware of EV’s Five years ago.

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