Nissan Leaf 12v Battery Swap

One of the easiest battery changes to do yourself. And it will save you some shop time too. It was so easy I had Ethan do it. It was his first battery change ever!

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19 Replies to “Nissan Leaf 12v Battery Swap”

  1. Lars Henrik Jensen

    Hi, I drive a Nissan Leaf 2015 model buyed from Nissan dealership in 2017. They told us the 12V battery not have warranty on used car even it was buyed from them. I got some issue for a long time, not possible to charge no click on relays near the 12V battery, and no possible to use J1772 charging or CHAdeMO at all and the 12V battery have reported all from 14,4V to 10,7V just under 20 secunds and Waiting 2 minuts and that from 11,96V was to 12,08V and unable to charge and Waiting more time and 12,2V and able to charge the car. The battery is healty then I try it on other car "Fossilcar" and can drive it to it be fully charged and try to put back in the car again and the same problem come after only the same day after 2nd charging. Are my issue With some relays or the PCM as contains Integrated charger, DC/DC converter, Junction Box. Or relays near the 12V battery not giving signals to PCM to kick in to charge and keep charging the 12V battery?. Nissan only change the hole TCM layer and cost more than the car is New and not change single Components inside the car and not even TCM is under warranty the cardealer says. What should I do?

  2. miles j

    Hey Mike, talking about battery range issues like you had with the model S earlier this year, I just watched a video with Ben Sullivan and they tried to find a battery solution to use as a gas can form of rescue for electric cars, I will put the link in here, but if you go down in the comments a few comments down a person who works for Tesla talks about how to use a small battery pack to rescue your electric car and be able to drive a few miles to a charger.

  3. Jean-Pierre White

    A good ring spanner is better than a socket set for that job.

    Like the way the bonnet was closed "Tesla Style". With the Leaf you can let it drop down like old fashioned cars.

    I had the 12v battery replaced at the same time the traction battery was changed. It was 5+ years old at that time.

  4. Christian Hafalla

    Tip of the day: other that getting a socket set, it also helps to clean the battery harness and terminals with a wire brush or sandpaper to get rid of any corrosion in order to allow for a sturdier connection. This can also get rid of any protective layer of grease the manufacturer may have put in the battery terminals for shipping. You also shouldn't have to go to a dealership to get the brakes checked. The first thing to go in the brake assembly will probably be the pads which have a built in wear indicator that will produce a noise when braking. If the brakes feel right and don't make any noise then it's safe and not worth spending time or money getting them checked.

  5. vdiv

    It's always great when random people from the grid criticize how you do things 😉
    So since no one has done it (yet) I'll take the honors. Should keep the red cap closed on the positive terminal until you are ready to remove it so you don't short it with the negative or the holding bracket. There are Crescent wrenches with isolated handles that would minimize this possibility. Disconnect the terminals first (negative, then positive) and then remove the holding bracket. Then secure the new battery before you connect the terminals (positive , close the cap, then negative). You may want to tigthen the terminals a bit more as they could get lose and bring back the electronic gremlins in the most inopportune time. 🙂


    Very nice. The m1ker and Ethan Leaf show. I can’t wait for the cabin filter episode next.

    It would be a great idea to invest in a 3/8” socket set (metric) for Ethan as a gift. The crescent wrench is a last resort. We called it the “knuckle buster” at my previous job. Not only it will slip, it also damages the nuts being tightened. Bad ju-ju.

    At least Ethan doesn’t have to learn how to change the disgusting engine oil. No need to take the Leaf to the dealership. DIY is more fun.

    Like Brian said, Advance Auto Parts employees do replace the battery at no charge when you purchase it from them. Also, their batteries come with a built-in handle. I do like that feature.

    Furthermore, I’m pondering about getting a Leaf while I wait for the Tesla pickup truck. I do wish that all of my vehicles are electrified now. Albeit in time, it will be. ?

    Oh yeah, please send some of your snow ❄️ down here. You seem very excited to see it this early, m1ker. Lol

    junbug, out.

  7. Sean Reidy

    Just changed the 12v on our Leaf this year. You’ll probably find that the driver side window auto-up button doesn’t work after disconnecting the 12v. To reset that, turn on the car, and with the window already up, pull up on the window button for about 5 seconds. That will reset the motor stop and then the auto-up will work again. 2015 Leaf here, but already about to cross 60k miles!

  8. Brian Joslyn

    Dealerships always charge more than any other place for any kind of work. Not everyone wants, or cares, to do even the 'easier' things themselves ~ and there are plenty reasons different people have. When considering what the cost is for any given work done to a vehicle, there are people that don't bother realizing the fact that they're not just paying for parts, they're also paying the employee(s) working on the vehicle, possibly some profit on the parts and overhead for the establishment. So you may have saved some bucks, but it was just a battery swap. The current exchange rate, Canadian~US, using your $100 Canadian as the example, is currently $76.71 US. I just did a search and clicked to one particular place ~ Advance Auto Parts. They charge $50 ~ $70 for a battery depending on size and, in most cases, will install it free if the battery is purchased there. If it's not then installation is $50 ~ $100 … and they say most places charge about $70.

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