Nintendo’s Wii-U Bayonetta 2 : Upscaled to 4K on Xbox One S

I know its Hilarious, Nintendo Wii U upscaled to 4K via Xbox One S , this only shows more and more reasons to purchase Xbox One S. And i would like to make clear to everyone that i don’t work for Microsoft, and im not a Xbox fanboy, obviously you seen i have all 3 consoles , im just a gamer giving you a demo and analyzing the 4k upscale .

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  1. Blake Cartwright

    Just because you are hooked up to a 3840x2160p tv and when you press info button on your remote it says 4k specs DOES NOT mean all of your source signals are just magically turned inti 4k ESPECIALLY a passthrough port on an xbox one S. My God you need a mentor or something

  2. Blake Cartwright

    Nothing is 4k about this video. The xbox dashboard is ALWAYS 1080p even if you are on a oneX which you DO NOT have. So there's #1, #2 is the oneS is complete garbage and usually displays games at 720p, if you want evidence watch digital foundry. You're better off with a base ps4 if you are going non mid gen refresh route (ps4pro and xbox oneX). Everything about this video is false so either you are aware of the TRUE facts and are just shitting out nonsense or you did 0 amounts of research and woke up and thought.."hmm this seems logical right, whatever I think it's right so ill make a video and tell everyone I would never give misinformation so they will believe me even though I will do no real research". BOOM

  3. Winston K

    > this only shows more and more reasons to purchase Xbox One S.

    What an autistic comment. Why would you want to play a game upscaled on a console when you can run it natively on PC at 4k on cemu.

  4. creeper5051

    Bayonetta is 720P 60fps. And, no, that image is NOT anywhere near 4K, bud. The signal from your Xbox One S to your tv is 2160 4K. But the Wii-U signal from your WII-U is still 720P. Sorry, guy.

  5. RkivUnderground

    Personally, I wouldn't pass a game console through the Xbox One S because of the added input lag, especially for a game like Bayonetta. I just set my Wii U to output in 720p (since most Wii U games run at that rez) directly to the set so my 4K TV can do a perfect 3x integer scale by itself. And yes, I set it to Game Mode.

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