Nintendo Wii U – Trying to Play a DVD Movie on Wii U

Nintendo Wii U – Trying to Play a DVD Movie on Wii U

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33 Replies to “Nintendo Wii U – Trying to Play a DVD Movie on Wii U”

  1. Dark Reavenger

    Nintendo is just losing customers to Microsoft and Sony all because they refuse to have the Wii u support movies. I was planning to actually watch movies on my bed with only the gamepad while my tv is in the living room. (Of course I have a tv in my room but it is old and doesn't support HDMI)

  2. TicTacZac

    Missed opportunity to use the Wii U as a TV and portable DVD/Blu Ray player! Why didn't they allow this? The Wii U game disks use Blu Ray technology so obviously it can read Blu Ray disks.

  3. Zachary Erickson

    Goddammit. The DVD on my computer sucks and I don't have any other DVD devices with me. It's possible that there may be something wrong with the disc I'm using but I do recall the DVD I have back it home not having much issues at all since I was able to watch all of The New Cutey Honey on it even though there may have been a minor scratch at one part and when I try to watch it on my computer it just freezes in certain areas which is no good. 

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