Nintendo Wii U Trailer (E3 2011)

Nintendo unveils their next video game console, the Wii U. Check out what gamers can expect from the finally revealed Wii 2/Project Cafe in this trailer from E3 2011.

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43 Replies to “Nintendo Wii U Trailer (E3 2011)”

  1. John Knoop

    See for this entire trailer they just keep saying "New Controller". This is why for the longest time I and many others thought the U was just an extension for the Wii. So glad the marketing is better now for the Switch.

  2. Super M4R10

    They say two game pads exept no games allow it NSMBU i understand or all the 1 player games I know new Super Mario Brothers U was multiplayer except for some reason super smash bros Bros doesn't do that why di those directers denie that it must have been hard functioning two gamepads thats why theres only two and the games dont support that i would love that maybe they forgot but two switches yall

  3. Em

    Damn. After looking back on this trailer, it really does look like a trailer for a new accessory to the Wii than it does for a new console. No doubt the Wii U wasn't a TERRIBLE console, and it did have some decent games but ultimately what really killed it was the indecisive marketing behind it.

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