Nintendo Wii U Review

Tech Junkies Morgan Webb and Blair Herter weigh in on the Wii U, Nintendo’s newest console, which seeks to bridge the gap between gaming console and entertainment center with its new GamePad. We break it down for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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41 Replies to “Nintendo Wii U Review”

  1. daniel diaz

    at my target the wiiu is 129 dollars. so it is a better price than the current gen consoles, the specs are very similar in performance, one might say some games look better on the wiiu than on the current gen consoles. also you get a free tablet. and you no longer have to fight with your family because they wanna watch tv and you want to game. just use the gamepad to play what ever title you have in, and let everyone else watch tv. all in all. a better console than the ps3 and xbox 360

  2. SuperNos64

    Wow, I came to watch this video just for the entertainment of laughing at G4's stupidity, but I am actually shocked at how good this review was. If only they were this good at reviewing everything else, maybe they would still be around and relevant.

  3. xxl3th4lg4m3rxx

    wasnt gonna get one of these until at least summer but since theyre not going to drop the price, i decided fuck it and got one 300 new on ebay. so paid price of original wii so im happy.


  4. RS1

    a Dreamcast in the making. better graphics then the current consoles. just like the dreamcast and then the new consoles came out and it coudn't compete. disapointing, nintendo lost because it focused on casual gamers but those casual gamers are not going to buy a new system they prob dont even know its out. or prob think is a regular wii. on a positive note wii games will get cheaper quick. 🙂

  5. ninenine909

    Wii U will defintely compete with the new Xbox and Playstation. What people don't know is that the new Wii U discs are capable of being triple layered. (75gb, 25gb per layer). This will be very helpful since Nintendo and Retro studios are spending dozens of millions of dollars on making new game engines for each of their franchises. They engines will be more expensive than Unreal Engine 3 and the upcoming UE4. Who knows what will happen??

  6. Explosive Candy

    They've officially lost me. I get one on ebay in a couple years, play the new zelda game, then resell it. Never hsed the wii for anything other than mario galaxy games and zelda. Nintendo is done…pains me to say it, but ive grown up

  7. Kariru

    Oh my God, nerds, (yes, nerds, because hardcore gamers love to have fun with their games at all times, not nitpicking it to death.) stop with the dissection shit. If you like it, you buy it and keep it. If you don't, don't buy the game or just return it. Stop sweating the small stuff and have some fun with your games, like a REAL hardcore gamer.

  8. Salik Ali

    I dont care about some shitty multiplats, the exclusives were so fun on the n64 and it didnt include stupid shit like motion bs and a tablet. It was for hardcore gamers no question about it, and the wii u looks like another fail wii.

  9. JackActive

    I wouldn't say Nintendo is that stubborn. I mean jeez, when the North American fanbase begged Nintendo to bring over the Operation Rainfall games Nintendo delivered. Even in the face of the games not selling well in North America. In terms of handhelds Nintendo has fantastic 3rd party support Castlevania, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton etc. I wouldn't say they are limited in that regard. In terms of their flagship franchises, Nintendo will make what sells and do it better than any other company

  10. Blactor

    One of the things that frustrates me about Nintendo is that they keep whoring out their flagship franchises. Yes the games are usually great, but ever since the PS1/N64 days Nintendo has botched their 3rd party support. I was done with them after Gamecube, console-wise (I own or owned a Gameboy Advance, NES, SNES, DS, and GC).

    Nintendo is a stubborn and limited company now, far from the gaming titan it was in the 80's and early 90's.

  11. Blactor

    A handful of classic games does not overshadow the fact that the N64 lacked decent 3rd party support and inexplicably used a limiting cartridge format that ultimately served to undermine the technical superiority of the console (there's a reason Square ditched Nintendo to release Final Fantasy 7 for the PS1), and was prohibitively expensive for developers & customers to boot.

  12. bmdshred77

    I have knowledge yes. The wii u is not even close in raw power as a descent computer of today. Zombie u shows us that the system is just a 1080p current gen console. Dont tell me zombie u is best looking game ever like we could say with gears of war when it released.

  13. Chris Adams

    I have seen developers comment that they can do things with the Wii U gpu that they can't do on current gen consoles. Such as adding effects and stuff that are not possible on current gen hardware. I don't think it's going to be nearly as far behind as the wii was when it released. Do you have any knowledge of computers?

  14. JackActive

    In terms of people who have followed Nintendo since the NES how did Nintendo fail to service them with the Wii? Both Mario Galaxies, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Mario Kart Wii, Smash Bros. Brawl, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid Prime 3, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Goldeneye, ect. Maybe 3rd party( even though Wii housed some fantastic 3rd party titles )? Well now you have better support on Wii U.

  15. Salik Ali

    Yes they sold alot and guess what it was all dumb ass casual gamers and that is why they were losing money. They lost so much money because casual gamers will not buy the amount of software that hardcore gamers will buy. They will fail just like this shit wii, they need to look back at one of the greatest consoles ever made…the n64. Fuck these stupid gimmecks like the motion bull shit and tablets.

  16. sharksmate

    People keep forgetting the wii outsold both xbox and ps3 combined. They're not targeting the hardcore gamers, they're targeting everyone else, which is a much bigger audience. When it comes to making money, nintendo's owning. As a hardcore gamer though, I an sad…

  17. Salik Ali

    Crappy motion controls and a shitty tablet are not innovation to hardcore gamers xD. I loved Nintendo when they actually made good consoles instead of focusing on shit no one wants. They should have made a powerful console and priced it 400 dollars so it would be powerful but instead they give people a weak console with a dumb tablet for 350. This console will fail like the wii for the hardcore if sony and microsoft make strong consoles, it will be the same story as the wii all over again.

  18. Salik Ali

    Nintendo is more to into providing dumb peripherals nowadays. I dont care about the dumb tablet or wii motion bs, i just want a strong system that plays games well and Nintendo rather please the casual gamers and that will kill them in the end.

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