Nintendo Wii : Nintendo Wii Baseball Pitching Tips

Three buttons are used on a Nintendo Wii, in conjunction with physical motion, to throw different pitches in Wii baseball. Throw a screwball, curveball and fastball on the Wii with help from a technology specialist in this free video on the Nintendo Wii home video game console.

Expert: Christopher Rokosz
Bio: Christopher Rokosz, ‘The Digital Lifestyle Expert,’ is just that. He is an expert on new media, the latest technology, and how to integrate it into daily life.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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  1. BeeKayLounge

    Hope I helped a little. The main point I am trying to get across is that the splitter should not be spammed or even used somewhat often. They are almost always a ball unless they swing. But it is unexpected and very hard to hit. SEE YOU LATER.

  2. BeeKayLounge


    3. Strike-outs…Many people should realize this but the splitter is insane when you need to strike out. Throw some Fastballs and then a splitter and Strikeout!

    4.Another splitter tip is never throw them to often. Not only will the player catch on, but you have a chance of failure, leading to a perfect speed fastball right down the middle.

    5.When pitching, I recommend underhand/sidearm. The splitter is a nasty pitch. looks like a fastball Then drops all of a sudden.(cont)

  3. BeeKayLounge

    Alright guys, I have some tips for you that may help you if you did not know them.Please don't try to act cool and say "U r such a nub, i alredy new dat, i won 36-0 and i hav 3000 points" These are for HUMANS NOT CPU"S!!!

    1. These are simple. Aim left/right (inside/outside) with the arrow keys. The pitches were told in this video.
    2.Vary speeds. You can essentially make a fastball 65 MPH and it is a change-up. If you throw 4 fast pitches, than a slow curve, you will make (countinued)

  4. KVVU

    surprised you would reply to a comment this old. came on this vid by accident a while ago, just felt that a lesson on how to pitch on the wii is really not needed and i never stated that i didn't like this video.

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