Nintendo Wii Longplay Super Mario Galaxy (Part 1 of 8)

Played by: Cheeze4343

One of the most funnest lonplays I have made so far. I decided to get 120 stars because I just can. There were a lot of fails and wins, and amazing triple jumps. During the entire run, I tried to show as many glitches as possible. I also tried to find shortcuts along the way.

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  1. Metal Gamer

    Dude time goes by so fast I remember playing this young and it was amazing I think that this game is so much better than odyssey and all the other new nintendo games I could play this game for hours nonstop and I never got sick of it.

  2. Kyle Wiggins

    Whenever I watch a longplay of this game, I know of some epic music to add in from Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Heroes:
    Bowser's Attack and Kidnapping of Princess Peach: Sonic Unleashed Opening Cutscene
    Rosalina/Center of Universe Mission : Theme of Tikal
    Tutorial: Apotos – Windmill Isle Day
    Observatory 1: Soleanna Castle Town
    Good Egg Galaxy: Spagonia Rooftop Run Day
    Boss Battle: Dark Gaia's Spawn
    Honeyhive Galaxy: Chun-Nan – Dragon Road Day
    Loopdeeloop Galaxy: Shamar – Arid Sands Day
    Surfing Circuit: Spiral Madness (Botanical Kingdom/Snowy Kingdom)
    Flipswitch Galaxy: Chun-Nan – Dragon Road Night
    Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor: Tornado Defense 2nd Battle
    Encounter with Bowser Jr.: Theme of Eggman
    Observatory 2: Soleanna New City
    Space Junk Galaxy: Adabat – Jungle Joyride Day
    Rolling Green Galaxy: The Ruins (3rd Phase of Tropical Jungle)
    Battlerock Galaxy: Through Traffic
    Power-Up: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Invincibility
    Hurry-Scurry Galaxy: Water (4th Phase of Kingdom Valley)
    Bowser's Star Reactor Galaxy: EggmanLand – Crimson Carnival Night
    1st Showdown with Bowser: Eggman Boss
    Observatory 3: Soleanna Forest
    Beach Bowl Galaxy: Emerald Coast (Modern Sonic Ver.)
    Bubble Breeze Galaxy: The Water's Edge (1st Phase of Wave Ocean)
    Ghostly Galaxy: Unawakened Float (Night Palace)
    Buoy Base Galaxy: Spagonia – Rooftop Run Night
    Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada: Tornado Defense 1st Battle
    Gusty Garden Galaxy: Apotos – Windmill Isle Night
    Freezeflame Galaxy: Holoska – Cool Edge Day
    Dusty Dune Galaxy: Mazuri – Savannah Citadel Day
    Bowser's Dark Matter Plant: The Core (Astral Babylon/Mobius Strip)
    2nd Showdown with Bowser: Egg-Dragoon
    Gold Leaf Galaxy: Empire City – Skyscraper Scamper Day
    Sea Slide Galaxy: Water Palace (Modern Sonic Ver.)
    Toy Time Galaxy: Empire City – Skyscraper Scamper Night
    Bonefin Galaxy: Planet Wisp (Modern Sonic Ver.)
    Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor: Whirlwind (3rd Phase of Crisis City)
    Deep Dark Galaxy: Dive Into Gravity (Crimson Crater/Security Corridor)
    Rolling Gizmo Galaxy: Blast Town (80's Boulevard/90's Boulevard)
    Bubble Blast Galaxy: Mazuri – Savannah Citadel Night
    Dreadnought Galaxy: Chemical Plant (Modern Sonic Ver.)
    Sweet Sweet Galaxy: Adabat – Jungle Joyride Night
    Sling Pod Galaxy: Gaia Gate
    Drip Drop Galaxy: Sky Sanctuary (Modern Sonic Ver.)
    Sand Spiral Galaxy: Shamar – Arid Sands Night
    Snow Cap Galaxy: Holoska – Cool Edge Night
    Melty Molten Galaxy: Tornado (4th Phase of Crisis City)
    Bowser's Galaxy Reactor: EggmanLand Crimson Carnival Day
    Final Confrontation: Event Metal Sonic…The Ultimate Overlord
    Final Showdown with Bowser: Seven Rings In Hand
    Rescuing Peach: Sonic Unleashed Results
    Ending: Dear My Friend
    Credits: Endless Possibilities

  3. Century Barrera


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