25 Replies to “Nintendo Wii All Errors! + forgotten Xbox One Error”

  1. Aceilnor Demnnoos

    I remember my Xbox 360 was so broken that every time you tried to turn it on for more than a few minutes, it would just straight up glitch out like crazy and make this high pitched nose that sounded like a horrible scream

  2. Simmie Hoofard

    Story time: one time my aunts were playing Mario kart wii and one of my aunts turned the tv off and ejected the disc. My other aunt started freaking out saying “YOU BROKE THE DISC! THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN!! MY SAVE FILES ARE RUINEDDDDDD”

    She was correct, she ruined the disc. But fear not! She bought a new one

    Mini story time: before she got the new copy, however, she put PEANUT BUTTER on the disc and INSERTED IT. No, it did not work, and i had f*ing anxiety the entire time.

    Aftermath: Karma struck my mom, because a year later, she broke our copy of Mario bros wii doing the SAME THING!

    Summary: My mom and her sisters do not know how to handle wii discs.

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