32 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Vs Wii U – Review”

  1. FreezyKirby

    I like the switch better but the switch also copied all the games on the Wii u like slatoon 1 or Mario kart 8 and now new super Mario bros u and barely added anything new in those games. Even the names were dumb like Mario kart 8 deluxe or new super Mario bros u deluxe.

  2. crowned king

    Just a year later and Nintendo switch sells the most consoles in 2018 and most in 2019 nothing to say now wait till 2019 they'll get even bigger and smash the sales of xbox and shut up the Xbox fanboys

  3. Ian Chavez

    Yeah but also, you know Nintendo Land the game? You know how one person is on the small screen and the other person is on the television? (I am talking about the Luigi's Mansion game) How are people going to be able to play that game if the ghost has to secretly find the other players? I am saying if you are playing with the Nintendo Switch on the TV.

  4. Ian Chavez

    In a plane you cannot use the controllers wirelessly. It is because when you put it on airplane mode (which you have to for safety reasons) than the switch tells you its self, you are not able to use controlers WIRELESSLY.

  5. Ian Chavez

    I think you are incorrect on something. It is that the Nintendo Switch is lighter than the Wii U Gamepad. I have both of the consoles and I put 1 on each hand and the Wii U gamepad was way lighter

  6. spike378

    Definitely disagree with you. Nintendo always known to market for children and adults buy it because they basically make same game using the same characters they been exposed to with the Nes. Wii U fail because it did get enough exposure with its marketing. I didnt know there was wii u after it came out and the name was just stupid

  7. Enguarde

    The Wii U was basically a prototype of the Switch which could still play original Wii games. The Switch was probably much closer to their true vision for the Wii U except with much less limited technology and true 1080p resolution when played on a television. The Switch controller / screen is also displays 720p resolution over the Wii U's 480p resolution gamepad and is way more compact and is actually portable by most standards.

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