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  1. Oddallus

    Oh Mizzah Tee playing ReCore. How do you like it? I think it is a fun game and must play for Metroid Prime fans because so many enemy and world designs feel similar thanks to some ex-Retro folks. The one real bad thing about it is the horrible long loading times when going to a new section.

    Sales are great but don't directly translate into a betetr climate for consumers. They can make a company lazy but also allows them to be more crazy with new ideas because they can take a few hits. I am hopeful Nintendo will overall deliver well.

  2. Josh Brown

    Tee, the reason Sony fans like to bitch abt Nintendo is b/c they’re all a bunch of sheltered-ass pussies with small dicks. I like to beat the shit out of Sony fans when I see them out on the street.

  3. Nin10Guy

    I don't understand why people automatically think less of a console just because it didn't sell well or it wasn't considered trendy enough. Just because something didn't sell well, doesn't mean it was a bad product. There are multiple factors that can cause a console to be labeled as a commercial failure outside of its level of quality. Many of Sega's consoles were prime examples of consoles that failed not by their lack of quality but by Sega's incompetence of how to present their systems and games to the mass audience. In many aspects I would argue the Gamecube was the better system than the PS2 despite selling significantly less and being in third place. The Sega Master System (a console I just acquired recently) was labeled as failure because Nintendo had an unfair monopolistic control over third party publishers. Not because the Master System didn't have any good games or it had inferior hardware compared to the NES. As a gamer, I don't judge my opinion on a console based on what mainstream media and sales statistics says. I have more freedom if I can pick and choose what I think is fascinating.

  4. Teenkitsune

    I don't care what anybody says, GameCube is still one of my all-time favorite game consoles of all time, that system made my adolescence and early teen years and to this day I'm still doing back to it like it's an old friend, which it kinda is.

  5. Nintendogametalk

    "you cant use the switches sales to its detriment"

    You underestimate the power of the switch haters, I've seen the whole 20 million sales down to 17 million being "the beginning of the end for the switch and how without a switch pro it will fail"

    Great video, the N64 is my favorite Nintendo system(before the switch) the GameCube second to that.

    to contrast, i hate the wii and its the highest selling nintendo console.

    you seem more mellow in this video

  6. Clocked It

    Using sales as a weapon, especially to undermine older consoles, is just ridiculous to me and like you said, I can't believe people would trash the N64 and GameCube just because it didn't sell what they deem to be acceptable. Once again, people losing focus on what's important. Nice chat man, look forward to the next one.


    The switch is like the GameCube but somewhat worst. GameCube first party was lacking and 3rd party keep it alive. Switch is the same except the GameCube was getting new 3rd party. The switch mostly gets old games. The switch is great compared to wii u. But compared to the wii and snes and nes the last great Nintendo consoles. The switch is a trash.

  8. visoredgruntR34

    I agree sales only matter as to keep the console on the market
    Sales don't make a game more or less "fun" or mean anything for the console's overall quality.
    New Super Mario U Deluxe on Switch will probably outsell New Super Mario Bros. U, I don't think anyone who plays both will have more fun with the Switch version because it sold better.

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