Nintendo Switch Online's Cloud Save Debacle (The Jimquisition)

Nintendo is a ridiculous company that cannot simply do something simple. There’s always a complication, a caveat, a catch. Even cloud saving, which every other platform has nailed, must be subject to Nintendo’s arcane rulings.

So, cloud saves will only work for SOME Nintendo Switch games, not ALL of them. The ones excluded are pretty heavy hitters too. Looks like another Nintendo Move to me!
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48 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Online's Cloud Save Debacle (The Jimquisition)”

  1. Travis C

    Whenever Poke'Mon is described it just makes me laugh because of how cruel and inhumane the capturing of animals and making them fight each other for fun of the trainers just gets me.

  2. eiriankageno

    Given the number of hacked pokemon in every pokemon ever… yeah. Including let’s go, no cloud required. Meanwhile Smash has Cloud saves despite online (thankfully.) It’s very annoying.

  3. Kolab

    It’s possible one of the reasons that cloud saves don’t work for online multiplayer games is that Nintendo didn’t want people duplicating mews from the pokeball plus and giving it to their friends so they didn’t have to buy it. It’s a stupid reason and definitely isn’t the only reason (and it might not have occurred to them in the first place).

  4. Nick MaGrick

    jesus, just let them fucking cheat if thats the case. The number is so small and it doesnt affect other people, the punishment doesnt make sense. Your pre-emtively punishing your entire innocent audience.

  5. Tuho

    Holy fucking shit mobile gaming mentally is leaking to consoles, meaning they make good game then proceed to break it so they can ask for money to fix it.

  6. trolls334

    So your online rank for Spaltoon 2 is tied to your save file and not sever side like all other games with an online ranking system? Thet really should have it be serve side.

  7. GamerWho

    Did Nintendo ever say that there was no grace period with regards to cloud saves? Or was it just a popular assumption due to the vague FAQ description that people took as fact?

  8. Tenaar Feiri

    So are we just going to ignore that a console provider who also provides an online service, doesn't understand how online services work?
    I mean, multiplayer rankings in a local save file?
    The fuck?

  9. Christopher Leggett

    For anyone coming to this video later on, They did add a grace period of 180 days before they wipe your saves if you don't pay your subscription. The rest of the cloud save problems are still there as of this comment though.

  10. MQStudios

    In Nintendo’s defense, I heard disabled cloud saves are the developers choice. So Dark Souls doesn’t allow the cloud back up because they can finally say no to it.

  11. TPLT

    The Phoney Bone picture used to describe "tilting a windmill" was great. "Pay me, and I'll promise that this'll work out for you people!"

    Then the rat creatures show up.

  12. Danny Caracciolo

    Dark souls hasn't been ruined by cloud saves before ha- LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THE FUCK THERE KIDDO AND INTRODUCE YOU TO CUNT NAMED ALBINO
    once upon a Time a YouTuber named Albino posted a video basically showing how to alter cloud saves to get infinite items, THE END

  13. Azza Prime

    The real reason is both Nintendo and Sony have to pay for cloud storage and its something neither company wants to be held responsible for especially if you don't have a lot of subscribers. Sony will delete your Cloud Saves after 6 months and I believe Nintendo have delayed there saves for a few months. MS own there Cloud Storage hence why there's no limit to how long you can hold onto your Cloud Saves. I believe this is PR just blaming MP cheaters as to why they don't want to pay for the storage much like how Sony claims Cross-Play isn't like flipping a Switch yet Epic games proved Cross Play between X1 and PS4 works on multiple occasions.
    These companies are making excuses because they don't want to invest for there customers.

  14. promezeus

    Your cloud saves aren’t immediately deleted, they are locked for 180 days or something sooo.
    There are a lot of things wrong with this video, just as Nintendo’s online service

  15. Crystal Kanashii

    This is why I gave up on consoles. Why would I pay hundreds of dollars to buy a machine that's just going to charge me periodically for basic functionality in addition to the games, only to have services pulled and the machine rendered inoperable as soon as the next console comes out? Why?!

    Now I live on PC. I can back everything up for free, online services for my favorite games tend to be free, and overall its just a lovely time. Not to mention I can buy upgrades like VR without worrying about rather or not Nintendo is cool with vr yet.

  16. Marklikesriffs

    Im fully done with nintendo now, cant be bothered with their shitty nintendo dick shaped catch which is attached to anything they do, i have super mario world, super metroid and all the classic nintendo games on my pc,i cancelled my smash bros pre order and im gonna end up selling my switch as soon as im finished with botw and donkey kong tropical freeze, theres plenty of games to choose from and competitors offering less stupid prices and functioning products

    Switch is gonna end up like all other nintendo machines, great start with zelda and mario, a few other good exclusives and then the 3rd party support will be shit, the online will be broken, the games will be stupidly expensive even years later, and all the typical shit that comes with nintendo including dumbing down of games to appeal way too directly to kids, id love to play smash bros ultimate but i'm not paying an online fee to play one single game online which may or may not work, new soulcaliburs coming out so its not like there isnt any competion elsewhere, its come to a point where the bads outweigh the good, so F it was a good ride but its time to break away from this stubborn behind the times company

  17. Charles P.

    I’m looking forward to the evolving homebrewing scene on Switch. Once it’s stable, I’m going to dump all my ROMs onto mine. It’ll be a pain but worth it. The sad part is, I’d have paid Nintendo a shitload if they’d have made it possible. Too bad Ninty.

    Eh, the consumer does what Nintendon’t.

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