Nintendo Switch Online: What Did We Think of the Announcement?- NVC Highlight

Nintendo FINALLY detailed their online service in this week’s direct, but… it wasn’t all good news.

All the News From the September Nintendo Direct – NVC Ep 424:

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39 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Online: What Did We Think of the Announcement?- NVC Highlight”

  1. oldestgamer

    Would it be fair to say that Fortnite will no longer be free-to-play? If that is the case, and nobody buys into this Nintendo cash grab, by boycotting Online, games like Fortnite will see a huge drop and no longer support, or new online-heavy game companies jump onto, the Switch platform. This may be the way to force Nintendo's hand and make them act like adults for a change…

  2. inceptional

    Yeah, it's obviously pretty cheap for this online subscription service, but it's just not that compelling imo. And the fact most of its features have been free for so long already just makes it awkward.

  3. Nicholas Antonio

    Whilst I would prefer Nintendo Online to remain free. $20 per year is not to bad and if I can get the Super Nintendo games with it, like the old Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda games with it, then I'm definitely sold.

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