23 Replies to “Nintendo Switch: One Year In – Scott The Woz”

  1. BollyBibby

    The Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2 deal is absolute bullshit. They put 6 NES games on a cartridge that can hold much, much larger games such as Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I just bought 2 digitally essentially so I can have 9 and 10 on it. And $60 for Tropical Freeze is unacceptable. However, being the DKC fan I am, I bought it anyway lol

    The console gets too hot which concerns me and my left joycon's L button doesn't work anymore and the joystick is wonky. I'd buy a replacement but they're freaking expensive and chances are, those will screw up too. Oh, and still only 32 GB on the console? C'mon, Nintendo. Other than those gripes, I like the console. The pro controller is fantastic.

  2. K-leb

    I still can't believe that there's no Arms character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You think they would've added one in so as to further support their big new IP. Once a franchise's character is in Smash, that franchise is forever cemented.
    An Arms character would also probably be really fun in Smash.

  3. Lane Gascoigne

    You didn't mention it, but you should really give Golf Story a try, it has fantastic graphics and gameplay. The story also has it's perks. You dont even have to be into golf to enjoy it.

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