Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2017

Check out several of the many indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017 and 2018!

0:11 – Super Meat Boy Forever Nintendo Switch Trailer
2:26 – Nindies@Night at MoPOP Announcement
3:19 – Shovel Knight King of Cards
4:07 – Mom Hid My Game
4:43 – Golf Story
5:39 – Floor Kids
7:17 – Wulverblade
7:50 – Poly Bridge
8:30 – Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition
10:01 – Earth Atlantis
10:36 – Next Up Hero
11:35 – SteamWorld Dig 2
12:33 – Mulaka
14:06 – Yono and the Celestial Elephants
14:36 – Dragon Marked For Death
15:18 – Battle Chef Brigade
16:05 – Morphies Law
17:31 – Sausage Sports Club
17:58 – Light Fingers
18:26 – Nine Parchments
19:14 – Travis Strikes Again
21:45 – Damon Baker’s Sign Off

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49 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2017”

  1. Rafael Gutierrez

    I just bought a Switch on Oct. Friday 13th & the main reason I bought it was to play these awesome affordable indies in handheld mode. Right now I'm playing Axiom Verge & Shovel Knight , yes eventually I'll get Zelda & Mario but I love these digital only great games

  2. themblan

    Please stop putting the games inside a big overlay of the Nintendo Switch. You did it with 3DS. Stop it. What are you trying to say? That it looks terrible docked? Stop hiding and face the truth.

  3. Sonic plush world GAMES

    Nintend pls i beg you with my heart PLEASE reply to this. I have a stock of super mario maker ideas (wii and 3ds) 1. (3ds) pls add mystery mushrooms and the fly minigame. 2. (Wii u and 3ds) you should add themes: desert, beach, forest, snowland, mountains, (ex: nsmb. wii world 6) sky, volcano and bowser's castle. (if you find any others, please add them.) how about a New super mario bros. 2 style? (: 3. enemys: the following: ptooey the plant, pokey, banzia bill, king bill, (mushroom to banzai bill) Fire bro, (fire flower to hammer bro) boomerang bro,(starman to hammer bro) ice bro, (ice block to hammer bro) and others. and finally 1 NEW power up and 1 NEW enemy. (Wii u and 3ds) Power up: electro mario (Wii u and 3ds) fire thwomp (fire flower to thwomp) and thats all! I THANK YOU.

  4. distrustful monkey

    I don't get why people grumble about indies when there's so much more variety than you'll ever find in the AAA scene. If there isn't at least 1 game here that you really want to play you probably don't really like games that much!

  5. LetoZeth

    I… Think I'm gonna sell my Switch.
    There has been absolutely 0 great games since Zelda, sure, there are 'some' good ones, but those titles are hardly worth having a Switch for.

    Great job Nintendo, you promised us games.. Just figured we'd get quality games with good funding, not a mountain of indie games that all look unfinished or are short in game play length.

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