Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Mario Odyssey

Relax and make the most of “me” time — anywhere, anytime — with the Nintendo Switch system.

#NintendoSwitch #SuperMarioOdyssey

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38 Replies to “Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Mario Odyssey”

  1. rama rambo

    Nitendo consol is every kids dream in the 90s, i remember me and my sisters wanted this so bad and asked to our father but its too expensive, but one day my father asked us to go shopping mall and without expexted, he bought it!, We so exited at home and directly play it ….the sad part is, we never said or forgot to say "thank you" to him, and he only played it onced in his lifetime…….i still remember when he played it🥺🙏

  2. Jeremiah Marquez

    They made a Super Mario Odyssey commercial where it shows the Switch Lite? Cool! I knew they showed the Lite with other games like Luigi’s Mansion 3. But never knew there was an updated Odyssey trailer. Cool.

  3. Серый Енот

    обажаю компанию Нинтендо с первого класса я щас в четвёртом классе всем советую крутяк а не компания я хотел купить свитч лайт Но родители говорили что это фигня они на отдых собирались а я копил с 2017 щас папа говорит молодец что нашёл бесплатные крутые игры приеду чехол купим

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