Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Mario Odyssey & Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Play the games you love, however you like. Buy Super Mario Odyssey & Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now.

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37 Replies to “Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Mario Odyssey & Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

  1. Romrio Dasilvadaconceicao

    Cade os jogos novos do Nintendo switch?
    Os outros vídeo games estão lançando jogos todo mês,jogos em 3d,dos,corrida, ação enquanto no switch joguinhos bobos de celular 2d,fala sério vou acabar vendendo meu vídeo game por falta de jogos.

  2. Kenneth Douver

    #Nintendo I have an issue no major but a dire Straight is the connections issue with my joy con stick controller is having performance issue and it's not a fat lady I'd argue with either is there a patch or a return policy I can call to handle this issue normally when I was a kid I got over blowing the game cartridge along with the mass millions an have no complaining about that but I will complain in this day and time for technology that should have way better quality to it really though a concerned console owner. #Nintendo #NINTENDO OF AMERICA

  3. Fonix 78

    Nintendo to fight againist the ps5 le Xbox Scarlett or the following consoles because they do not make a special cover for some types oficina cello phones or tablets and that if you put your joycons on the sides that the game is automatically passed to the cell phone or tablet even if the switch is aya off? Or make it possible to transfer the game to the computer through a joycons but the battery of the switch is finished it's just an equal idea

  4. Richter Ashtey

    So you're telling me that a they spend 600 dollars on two switches, adding games that's $720 now she had the splatoon2 bundle and even if she didn't have the bundle that's $80 for the pink and green joycons, all adding up to either $1020, $720, or $800. Maybe he's just got nice good paying job, I just find that unrealistic.

  5. toxic legend

    waaa i am still a assist trophy? Nintendo i want to be an playable caracter (message by waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(

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