Nintendo Switch Joycon D-Pad Battle!

It’s the Hori Zelda Dpad Joy-con against the Etsy DIY Dpad Joy-con mod shell. What’s the best Switch Joycon to use?
dbrand Switch Skins!

???Stuff I Use???
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Game Capture:

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32 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Joycon D-Pad Battle!”

  1. Cari Garafalo

    Adore the production values! Just a heads up, though, you might want to hang up some picture frames or sound absorbing foam to help the audio; there's an echo that makes it sound like a cavern (you're probably totally used to it and don't notice it since that seems to be your house, so hope this helps). Once I noticed it, it was incredibly distracting. ?

  2. Lyubomir Asenov

    Nvidia Shield Nintendo branded as its own costs as much and even more then a PS4 Pro here in EU and all the accessories that you need buy after that and the games are the MOST EXPESIVE GAMES ON THE MARKET wow they Really know how to trick MORONS
    Switch with its OLD TECH should costs atleast 2 times less if not more

  3. [Sam Brooklyn]

    Kevin Kenson, i had 2 little questions

    1: So if i attach these controllers to the system [HandHeld] it just fits, but these extra grip things [when the controllers are not attached to the system] do not fit on them? I play in handheld most, so that doesnt matter for me if thats the fact but just to be sure 🙂

    2: With my regular Joy Cons, my joysticks keep being broken and have to be repaired at a nintendo office… Is this problem solved if i buy the Dpad controllers? Is the tech inside the controller upgraded and stronger?

    Keep up the good work by the way, your way of recording videos and the videos themselves are great! ??

  4. Jason Kim

    Does nitendo plan on releasing more joycons? I just dont understand how after over a year that this isnt a big priority for them. If they made official transparent joycons I would buy SO MANY

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