Nintendo Switch Holiday Sales SURPRISE Analysts And Is Death Stranding A 2019 Release? | News Wave

The Nintendo Switch has been selling well, but analysts have been concerned if the 20 million unit goal for this fiscal year was possible. New information is starting to come out showing that analysts are now surprised by what appears to be a massive Holiday season for the Switch. Death Stranding has been mysterious since its reveal and now that Kojima is taking the demo on the road to other studios, many are starting to wonder if the game is actually getting close to being ready for release.

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21 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Holiday Sales SURPRISE Analysts And Is Death Stranding A 2019 Release? | News Wave”

  1. Omegathehusky

    NSMBU yup i bought it not having oned a wii or a wii you havent played any of the new supe games i just 100% NSMBU today it was fun i liked it and still got luigi u to go xD and challenges gotta admit this was worth the money atleast to me xD

  2. ilikesanic

    I think the main reason nsmbud is selling better is because at the time people were getting sick of the series and nsmbu came out just a few months after new super mario Bros 2. There has not been a new 2d mario since so a lot of people are interested in playing them

  3. Fire Blades

    Hopefully I get to get fucking Minecraft fan over here
    Xbox did not outsell the ps4 it barely even is
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about read the replies for some of the comments and you’ll see this idiot there

  4. Corey

    Nintendo says they sell 50-75% of their total sales for the fiscal year in the 3 holiday months alone, so 11 million isn't surprising. They still need to sell quite a bit more this quarter though, as they're still quite a bit away from hitting 20 million.

  5. RetroWolf88

    I am so happy that Switch sales are crushing it and this just goes to show that you can't take what "industry analysts" predict as gospel. They seem to be wrong pretty often and end up backpedaling.

  6. Dano Bebop

    Pikmin 4 was ready to go apparently awhile ago. Lets see that soon pls nintendo. METROID needs to be a launch title for more powerful switch hopefully that doesnt drop too soon. Luigi mansion Halloween ? title. I think ? RETRO STUDIO will drop their new project to switch fill the gap

  7. Difford

    Those 'analysts' sound just like the ignorant general population that inhabited the comments section of all facets of social media that thought Nintendo was 'doomed' or they 'failed'.

    Oh how we laughed at them…and we still are. People so wanted Nintendo to not do well and continued to undersell it since launch. Why? It's like they're threatened by it.

  8. Dark Master

    You for the Nintendo version of Mortal Kombat, only 2 Nintendo Characters would work #2 is Ganondorf who could change into Ganon to preform fatality and the #1 would be Ridley from the Metroid series. Overall Ridley will be the best choice with his bloodthirsty nature, sharp claws, dagger-like tail, and fireball attacks will make him a dangerous fighter. However Ridley will need to be a little smaller to fit the right size with the other fighters. Vote for Ridley The Cunning God of Death.

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