Nintendo Switch Hardware Overview

Find out about the Nintendo Switch™ system, a gaming console you can play both at home and on-the-go!

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26 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Hardware Overview”

  1. Dallas the Great

    Imagine if the original founder of Nintendo would be here to see this. It would be amazing to see your small indie trading card company grow to a massive multi-million dollar video game company.

  2. SMA Productions

    Xbox: psshh no one will ever buy the switch

    PS4: ikr, the Wii U already failed

    Xbox: I think u mean you already failed. I have good graphics

    PS4: same, but I’m getting old

    Switch: hey how’s it going

    Xbox: running great graphics games. you?

    Switch: Me? Oh, I’ve become the best selling console of all time and the most supported

    PS4 and Xbox have left the chat*

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