Nintendo Switch Ads vs. Wii U Ads

Nintendo has aimed to right many of the blunders they had during the Wii U era with the Switch, but perhaps the one they have improved on the most is the overall marketing message for the system. Ads for the Wii U made it feel like children’s toy, where the Switch ads treat the system like a high-end device.


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34 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Ads vs. Wii U Ads”

  1. Frankie Cinque

    Surely it doesn’t make sense to advertise to kids when they aren’t able to buy anything like that by them self

    Also that thing about younger siblings wanting to do whatever the older siblings want to do is SO true

  2. Gabby S :D

    I think the Wii U is fine. I've been playing with the Wii U for the last 5 years and I'm just now getting a switch. I never knew that it wasn't that great and the only reason I got it was bc my Wii broke and stopped reading disks but I think they're both super cool.

  3. Baconator883 gaming

    I hope Nintendo gets more m games coming out as well E For everyone T for teens make the Game console fun not just for kids anymore that why I don’t like Nintendo it seems like they was more for the kids side and not the adults

  4. ImmaRussianSpy

    2:10 Omg yes. My lil bro (9) the other day in the library followed me around because he knew I was going to play the Nintendo Switch which happened to be TEENS only. And I am 13. So he follows me around with my mom, so that if I said its teens only he would tell on me and my parents are always in his favor. So yeah, in the end he followed me INTO the teens area and luckily I got a good 15 minutes off of it and it closed when he got to me. So yes. This is relatable.

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