Nintendo Removes The Wii Shop Channel Forever?

Nintendo Removes The Wii Shop Channel Forever? In today’s video I cover Nintendo removing the Wii Shop Channel. This is the Wii digital distribution service which removes patches, games, and a very important transfer tool in this episode of the News You Missed with me, Protomario.

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Nintendo reaches settlement shutting down ROM hosts for good

The Wii Shop Channel Closes Forever Next Week

NINTENDO WII UNBOXING! Original White Backwards Compatible Console

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31 Replies to “Nintendo Removes The Wii Shop Channel Forever?”

  1. Brawler_1337

    I just went on the Shop Channel today. You can’t download anything new, but you can still download titles that you previously paid for. Also, the Wii U Transfer Tool and Skyward Sword Patch are still downloadable for free. They may not stay available, but I made sure to download that shit just in case. Hell, I don’t even own a Wii U or Skyward Sword.

  2. RS 1990

    Please keep your purchases on your Wii & SD Card as long as you possibly can and treat them with respect.
    If you intend to pawn the system at a future date, don't format the system as the SD Card Data (especially the Skyward Sword patch!) will become essentially unusable due to loss of content license.
    In addition, licenses are hardware dependent and cannot be forged. So put a hefty price tag on your Wii if you've managed to purchase everything on Wii Shop Channel! Some software has more value than appeal.
    If you're system gets bricked, lost, broken, stolen or destroyed then your data is gone for life because they never really belonged to you.
    And by the way, I'm still faced with a dilemma about the future of the Wii U and 3DS eShop and Nintendo Network.

  3. Jordon

    That sad moment when you realize you've spent thousands on micro SDs and triple-A 79.99 CAD eshop titles & you'll never make a penny back & they will all eventually expire.

  4. Noodle Tribunal

    i guess i get it that you pay money for something and now its gone but that's why you DON'T BUY DIGITAL STUFF. its a give and take.

    digital: it runs perfectly, don't have to take care of it, can't break or lose it(physically), don't have to go to the store to get it, BUT you will lose it eventually when the service goes down. so your money went to whatever experiences you had with that product, meaning it's worth is purely intangible now.

    physical:you have to take care of it, you could break or lose it, you have to physically go out and get it, it could run poorly given age, BUT you will still undoubtedly own it, even after the company has long since moved on. your money is still right there, right in front of you, memories and all. and that will more than likely outlive you, so don't talk about nothing is eternal like yeah, the last nes will cease to be functional in the year 2278 or whatever, but why should i care? i will cease to be functional by then.

  5. PhillyCh3zSt3ak

    This is the main reason I deal in physical games despite having well over 400 titles on Xbox 360 and Xbox One digitally (although most are from Games with Gold to be completely honest). Physical games never leave your possession unless stolen or destroyed. Digital games can be taken away such as this, your account they're tied to getting deleted by an angry mod or admin having a beef with you, or by someone malicious enough to delete your account on the end user side of things.

  6. kungfufluff

    As much as I love the Wii Shop channel there was one major problem that I had with the Wii Shop Channel, and that was certain games that made the NES, and SNES powerhouses were missing. Like it would have been awesome if I could play Battletoads, Joe & Mac, and TMNT: Turtles in Time. But then again licensing issues, prevented those kind of games to appear on the Shop. I had to buy an SNES to play said games. Just like I had to buy a Genesis to play certain games for that as well.

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