Nintendo possibly leaving consoles.. Even after Switch’s Success for Nintendo Mobile?

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa responded that while the current focus is on the Nintendo Switch and Making Switch Games for a home console would they go more digital or mobile with the eShop and more? They have to remain open to adjusting to the market as time goes on how they may deliver that nintendo experience.

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43 Replies to “Nintendo possibly leaving consoles.. Even after Switch’s Success for Nintendo Mobile?”

  1. duell collins

    The Switch has the capability of being the last home console. Because, it has a past vast library of great games and can have good remakes or new additives to the different games in the library. If Nintendo chooses not to mess with VR again. But yes, to only make mobile games would be very depressing.

  2. Proffesor PC

    Honestly, the switch is technically a mobile gaming platform and that's where they are saying their focus is… they got something great that no one else has and so they are babying it. I'm not mad at all i support this.

  3. rayvts

    Realistically tho 10 or 20 years down the line smart tv's and smart phones may have the processing power to run decent applications and games rendering it pointless for manufactures to create there own consoles . With only the need to produce the games and controllers.

  4. Richard Trincia

    Idk yo 20 years is a good bit away. You say “mobile games” like it’s a bad thing. Maybe mobile games in 2040 would realm around big titles. Maybe by then the standard will be a at home and on the go console all in one and they will team with Verizon or something to bring us a cell phone console handheld combo lol idk

  5. starscotten

    If Nintendo became third-party, it would be a nice proverbial whooping for them. Nintendo has been acting brand new lately; sending modders to jail; stealing from youtubers; and dogging out emulation, and not providing same content on the PC and their systems. Nintendo only going mobile however, is the worst thing they could do. Mobile was always an inferior platform because of unlimited microtransactions, and high-speed drainage of battery life. If Nintendo put their stuff on PC (Xbox and Playstation are bonuses), that would put franchises; like Smash Bros, Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, etcetera, in the best position possible. Mod support, cheat engine, free multiplayer, and 4k will work wonders for ALL Nintendo properties. However, DON'T CHEAT in online multiplayer modes! You will regret it.

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