Nintendo Has FINALLY Killed the 3DS in 2019

The Nintendo 3DS had a long and fantastic life, but with the rise of the Nintendo Switch it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the 3DS and 2DS was phased out in 2019. A recent statement by Nintendo has pretty much thrown the dirt on the 3DS future, so I thought it would be fun to talk about the past few months of the console and my time with it.

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25 Replies to “Nintendo Has FINALLY Killed the 3DS in 2019”

  1. Derek

    I thought the 3DS was trash because I almost bought one new until I read on the box that it doesn’t come with a charger with the system. Like how can you sell someone a new system without a proper charger for it? So I didnt buy the 3DS. I bought a Switch instead. At least that came with a charger

  2. Zeo Life

    Day 1 $249…. Day 120 $169……. I got it when it first released and instantly lost $80….. from then I buying Nintendo console after 1 year it release

  3. Pyro Bro

    An im kinda sad now cuz im playing terraria on the 3ds and the 3ds is dead and no more updates and i really wanted to continue my lets play on te new version :*(((

  4. Pyro Bro

    I dont know why they released the new nintendo 3ds and new nintendo 3ds xl
    When they are just goin to kill it a few years later and the special games only available for the new 3ds whyyyy

  5. KINGDOM of AU

    i remember preordering the og black 3ds at a gamestop,
    and they had a huge cart with a sign "your gba games are now obsolete"

    in hindsight i should have bought all of those gba games

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