Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Predictions + RUMORS! – Banjo in Smash Ultimate, SNES Games + MUCH MORE!

I predict what announcements are at the Nintendo Direct at E3 2019.
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34 Replies to “Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Predictions + RUMORS! – Banjo in Smash Ultimate, SNES Games + MUCH MORE!”

  1. Johno Daz

    Fantastic video PE Ninja Master. The Nintendo E3 Presentation lasting 45mins long is awesome stuff and I give Banjo a 50/50 change being Revealed at E3 for Smash Ultimate but a DQ Character is looking likely. Man I love too see another Kid Icarus or F-Zero game and Golden Sun would be great and what happened too games like The Conduit n Red Steel bring them. Anything from Platinum Games I am up for, even if it's a Port of Wonder 101. I am expecting a big 3rd Party presence during Nintendo's Presentation whether it's showing off 2 or 3 big 3rd Party Titles like a Witcher 3, GTAV or and a 3rd Party Sizzle Reel aswell. SE is gonna have alot of Nintendo stuff this E3 and I cannot wait too see what they have for us :-D. I do think Nintendo needs too talk about the Online n Switch Features etc at E3, hopefully SNES Games coming and GBA would be dope also but this Nintendo's E3 is hype.

  2. Morrow

    My predictions
    *New Tales of game announcement
    *New Monolith Soft title
    *Xenoblade X port
    *Shenmu 1-2 Switch port
    *Dragon Star Varnir Switch port announcement
    *New Zelda game announced for 2020
    *Playable demo for Star Ocean First Departure HD
    *Yo-Kai Watch 4 NA Quarter release window
    *Langrisser 1-2 HD, NA Announcement trailer
    *Blade Arcus Rebellion From Shining, NA announcement trailer
    *Snack World NA announcement trailer+playable demo
    *Wizard Symphony, NA announcement trailer

    My expectations
    *New Tales of game announcement
    *New Monolith Soft title

  3. Chaz Evansdale

    What I want to hear most at E3; Something new from Monolith Soft.
    Whether it's a XCX Switch port, XCX2, or a New IP, please give me something new to see!!!
    I know the rest of E3 is going to be amazing. I know I'll be buying a ton of games this summer/fall already, so I'm hyped about the games/release dates I don't know yet for the Switch library. Second most wanted is DQ ports, from the 3Ds version to Switch as well as DQ XI S release date!

  4. NeoFlite23

    Here's my 2 bold predictions for Nintendo's E3 OJ: 1. Metroid Prime Trilogy is announced and released during the Direct to make up for not announcing it at last year's Game Awards (it's the $39.99 SKU leaked from GameStop). 2. Soul Calibur VI is announced for Switch with a Fall 2019 release date. Also included will be a Deluxe and Collector's Edition with 2 12" figures: Sophitia and Link and the World of Nintendo gets 3 extra characters: Link from Legend of Zelda and Marth and Lucina from Fire Emblem! Out!

  5. Samuele spina

    I'd like to see a teaser for Bravely Third from Square Enix and Persona 5, maybe the royal edition. I stop here because there are already many other games coming, I would only need to know more about those games

  6. Andrew G

    I really hope you are right about Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG, that would be a dream come true to have remakes of them. I think a safer bet is that we will get a new Bravely game for the Switch though

  7. Mav Intensifies

    I hope all of your predictions/wishes come true. I really want to see Rare Replay come to the Switch but I'd understand if it didn't happen. Also one of their old franchises get a revival like Golden Sun, like you mentioned, and more third party games from Bethesda, Sega, Square Enix, etc.

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