Nintendo 3DS YouTube app SUCKS!

Just downloaded and installed the Nintendo 3DS YouTube app and man does it SUCK. Aside from being crash, it doesn’t even play 3D YouTube videos!

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39 Replies to “Nintendo 3DS YouTube app SUCKS!”

  1. Master Ben

    Your sitting Here whining because in can't play in 3D!! 3D!! Are you flipping kidding me you just want everything your way, So don't go blaming it on Nintendo + What do you expect from a thing made in 2011 atleast it's YouTube Ok deal with it And STOP WHINING

  2. Emily Marie

    Broooo I’m so sad I just got a notification abt the 3Ds having YouTube that they r getting rid of it and it’s already 2019!!!!! I’ve been having a 3Ds since it first came and I didn’t even know they had YouTube-.-

  3. TheBapSlaps

    Tbh him expecting youtube to be good on the 3ds is like expecting that skyrim can play on a snes. It just doesnt have the requirements or stuff to make it better than mobile. Oh, and if you comment about how "at least its youtube" or "it should be better". 1st, u most likely commented using a phone. Already proving my point. 2nd The thing is meant for games.

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