34 Replies to “Nintendo 3DS Hardware Preview Trailer”

  1. Mistur Lucky

    I wonder where's the mic on the thing? I'm surprised no one asked that? I'm just asking because it's backwards compatible with the original DS games and some of them require the mic. It's not even mentioned in the this vid and I really don't see one.

  2. SSBBphenom

    I would buy this, but the month after Nintendo will release the 3DS XT or some shit. I'll get a 360 first and then think about this. If only they put as much power and memory into the Wii though. Smh…

  3. Jshaw71

    @RizingBlackSun It seems like there's a hardware change, what ds games have you been that look as good as ps2 games, and i say i am going to get a dsi while i wait for the system drice to drop and the 2nd model 3ds to come out, that's why…

  4. Jshaw71

    i REALLY hope this is the last hardware change for the ds system… they'll probably be another reissue in a year or two… hopefully with extended battery life, until then i think i my next ds purchase will be a dsi… 3-d is imo an outdated idea that should ave stayed dead in the early 80's…

  5. BoyTitan

    @waverunner6 yay 3 1 megapixel cameras and motion gmaing and 3d wait I minute I fucking hate all 3 of those well atleast u can turn off da 3d thats a big plus if I ever want a portable gaming console and a anolog stick is wait psp did that not new but good and needed

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