Nintendo 3DS BUYING GUIDE & Top 10 Games!

The Nintendo 3DS is a smash hit with amazing hardware, great games and killer apps! This guide will help you decide what model of 3DS is right for you, help you get started with the best games and accessories and much more!

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Kid Icarus Uprising
Kirby Planet Robobot
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Tomodachi Life
Super Mario 3D Land
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate / Generations
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Fire Emblem Fates (Birthright / Conquest)
Bravely Default
Star Fox 64 3D
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time / Majora’s Mask


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** All game play footage using the katsukity 3DS kit.

44 Replies to “Nintendo 3DS BUYING GUIDE & Top 10 Games!”

  1. Nemanja Vučićević

    Its not about needing or not needing 3D technology in the console/game. Its about the fact that its poorely executed and its a complete head hurting eyes popping experience. I for example cant look at it for more than few seconds,it literally makes me cry from the unbarable pain in my eyes.

  2. The Doctor

    I finally got a new New 3DS XL from Nintendo's official eBay. I'm saddened that I am getting into this at the end of it's life and in the middle of the Switch's (I own one) but I suppose that seems there is always a new game to play. I don't see this console going obsolete anytime soon. I should probably get to buying the games I want from the digital eShop since I like the idea of having all of my games on the system,

  3. Ornal64

    Still using nintendo 2ds amd just love it. I'm looking at 3ds models now. My favorite are pokemon XY limited edition red and blue just love them. Fist 3ds looks great. I'm skipping New 3ds/2ds.

  4. Tyler Kloster

    Anyone else just hack the fuck out of it… sorry metal jesus.. cash grab after cash grab.. fuck you nintendo.. maybe stop being the skeet mother fuckers youve always been… you been robbing kids since the 90s.. and tell gamefreak to step their games up… making the same bs and pokemon is still looking like shit… just think if another studio.. idk.. cd project red took over 😂😂 bet you a million they would take that shit to the next level… imagine all the dope pokemon games we would get.. pokemon has so much potential and its being wasted on pussy ass handheld n64 and a tablet.. i hate you nintendo… with a passion

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