Nexus Player Android TV Review

Nexus Player
My 4K TV
Amazon Fire TV is a very good player too and has Ethernet and optical audio
USB adapter
Game controller for Nexus Player

Pros and Cons (more coming soon)

Very nice user interface
Excellent voice search
Smart phone app
Navigation is very easy and looks good
Gaming is easy. Just connect controller and go or use the remote
You can install apps
Most apps work and look very good
Voice search works in Plex too
Good price
Kodi (XBMC) can be installed for Nexus Player
Turns out he USB port is fully functional. You can connect storage to it (more in the next video)

No Ethernet
No optical audio out
8GB of flash I’d be glad to pay more for 16 or 32GBs.
Voice search doesn’t work in all apps
Navigation works from a distance but voice search doesn’t work as well far away. Luckily the phone app does.

Final thoughts:
Figured out how to install Kodi (XBMC) on Nexus player. It works well. I’ll add a video soon. Over all I really like the Nexus player and Its just going to get better from here. When the Chromecast first came out it was not very useful. One year later its a must have device for every TV. I think this player will have thousands of apps by next year. Its off to a great start for only being available for a few weeks. I love the direction this player is going with the sweet UI and excellent voice search. I would be glad to pay up to $199 for something with much greater specs and possible 4k output.

Kodi works. Here is the version I used

Like me on Facebook and I’ll show some screen shots of Kodi (XBMC0 installed. The install technique takes a little bit of time so I’ll make a video soon

Asphalt 8
Dispicable me Minion Rush
Riptide 2 GP

I bought my music here

23 Replies to “Nexus Player Android TV Review”

  1. Luke Byrne

    Please, someone tell me! can I get showbox or any other streaming service on this nexus player? I want to be able to watch free shows like I do online but without typing and searching google for them! Are the movies on the homepage in the video free or do you have to buy them?

  2. Kelty Tippos

    I was excited about the gaming part of this player until I ran out of storage after installing 5 games and 12 apps. You only get ~5GB of storage to use, that's not enough considering how apps are getting larger. If anyone knows how I can get more storage, am all ears.

  3. Karanmeet Singh

    Hi. I am staying in India, and we have a very slow internet connection in here. I want to buy this so that I can watch movies stored in the local drive or pendrive attached. My question is: CAN I INSTALL MX PLAYER IN IT AND WATCH MOVIES LOADED IN A LOCAL STORAGE OR AN SD CARD??

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